Black Friday for e-Travel

The Black Friday shopping season isn’t just a time for shopping for tangible products, such as electronics, gadgets, household items, groceries, or health and fitness. Providers of intangible products such as hotels and airlines also leverage the Black Friday frenzy to attract traffic.

Often times, they do this through a marketplace that channels a constant heavy flow of customers to their businesses. Examples of such marketplace will include, Amadeus, and more locally, Jumia’s hotel & flight marketplace, among others.

A lot of Nigerians love to travel towards the end of the year. Although, in the past, we saw most people travelling out of the country for holidays. However, there’s a rapidly growing trend of Nigerians travelling within Nigeria for vacation. There’s no better time to tour the exciting destinations within the country than during the Black Friday seasons. The reason is simple: most hotels and airlines fares are more affordable at this time.

The rapid rise of the digital tour operators, such as Social Prefect, Irin Ajo, Unravelling Nigeria, TVP Adventures among others, is resuscitating the deadening interest of some Nigerians to holiday within the country.

To be fair, there are many choice destinations to explore — from Kajuru Castle to Obudu Cattle Ranch to Olumo Rock and many more.

However, travelling to some of these destinations might be a bit pricey. Hence, the need to take advantage of travel deals, coupons, and discounts that will be offered during the upcoming Black Friday campaign by this local flight and hotel marketplace owned by Jumia. In all honesty, Jumia has committed itself to promote domestic tourism through its various initiatives such as the Nigeria Travel Awards, Hospitality Report, and many more.

So, this Black Friday which is between Nov 2- 30th won’t be an exception for Jumia as customers should expect up to 80% discount off their hotel bookings, more than 20 packages, most affordable flights and daily prizes will be won.

Whether you love to travel or not, the expressly outrageous Black Friday deals should arouse your thirst to explore not only Nigeria but the world. It should be enough motivation for you to pack your bags and baggage and travel.

Thankfully, the travel space has caught the Black Friday fever as travel agents and tour operators now offer the discount to travellers. This is one of the key ways to encourage Nigerians to travel Nigeria.

As you prepare to shop for Black Friday, have it at the back of your mind that the biggest shopping festival of the year is not only restricted to buying electronics, gadgets and other household items. You can actually get travel deals that would blow your mind away!