Blogger Emeh Achanga Writes Heartfelt Message As Her Daughter Jasmine Obadele Turns A Year Old

The founder of Miss Petite Nigeria Blog, Emeh Achanga, penned down heartfelt a message to celebrate her daughter, Jasmine Obadele, as she turns 1 today.

She titled the message, “Ode to my beloved daughter Jasmine Obadele as she turns a year old

Today is my baby Jasmine’s IST birthday ..The queen of my heart and soul..

It’s been one year since I journeyed into this amazing and overwhelming world called motherhood…
A lot of things have taken the back seat in my life.Things I held dearly prior to the birth of my baby.The amazing thing is, I have no regrets.She has been a blessing to me in ways I can’t imagine..

I pray God grants me the power, strength to continue to be the best mum she deserves.

This is my little ode to the little powerhouse I call mine..

To you my blessed Jasmine

Jasmine Obadele

It’s been 365 days since you sashayed into my world
captivating me with you big beautiful eyes
enchanting me with your priceless smile
and such raw innocence only possessed by a child

There were days I cried
Nights I wondered why
I have been so blessed with you child
But now I know the reason why

All my priorities you rearranged
All my sadness and all my pain
Washed away with one single cut
on my belly you called your little hut

Yes I recall the first few weeks.
I would cry when anyone touched you
I was always trying to hold you
despite warnings that was no good

And then weeks turned to months
I watched my dreams take the backseat
Things I cherished ,those I relished
not one mention
my plans abandoned

And then I cried in frustration
confused about my situation
waking up to so much tension
sinking into depression…

I thought about it
ending it all.
No one seemed to understand me
motherhood wasn’t so easy
as the Kardashians make it seem on E!

This scourge called post-natal depression..
Is so worthy of a mention
It’s a major explanation
for most new mums who act with aggression

The shock was too much for me
having you continuously latch onto me
depending on me for every single thing
such a departure from the free spirit I had been

But in my moment of sadness
In those brief moments of madness
We would lock eyes
then I would realize
how blessed I was to have a child

I hope someday you’d forgive me
for using you as an experiment
and for my ignorance
on how to raise a first child.

As we celebrate your Ist milestone in ‘God’s Own country’
Thank you for coming into my world
Thank you for opening shut doors
Thank you for your pretty smile in the mornings
and calling me mama when you’re hungry
and calling dada when you’re angry

Thank you for showing me true happiness
Thank you for being my baby….

Your beloved mum
Emeh Achanga

 Emeh Achanga and daughter, Jasmine