Boiled Yam And Garden Egg Sauce

• Garden egg (As an alternative you can use aubergine)
• Spring onion
• Crayfish
• Yellow pepper
• Seasoning cubes
• Salt
• Ororo (vegetable oil)
• Lemon
• Curry
• Smoked fish
• Yam
• Peel and cut the yam into desired size and boil with salt or sugar or both. Drain water from yam as soon as it is done.
• Peel the skin off the garden egg. You can also use Aubergine because it is like garden eggs.
• Cut the garden egg into tiny bits and chop the onion. Add one cooking spoon of vegetable oil into a pot, allow to heat, then, add a pinch of salt, chopped onion and allow it to sauté.
• Add the garden egg and allow to soften, you can mash with a potato masher for a smother constituency after it has softened.
• Wash the crayfish, pepper and a bulb of onion and blend. Pour the blended ingredients into the pot and let it cook for five minutes. Squeeze the lemon juice from the lemon and pour into the pot.
• Taste and season as desired with curry, salt and seasoning cubes.
• Add the smoked fish, spring onion and stir. Allow to cook for three minutes then serve as desired.

To add swag to the food, you should not forget to cut yam in fantastic shapes using cookie cutter and also garnish with edibles like tomatoes and spring onions.