Brand Ambassador of Dunes Lilian Esoro-Franklin Is Stunning In Promo Photos

Brand ambassador of Dunes Center, Abuja and expectant mother, actress Lilian Esoro-Franklin looks absolutely gorgeous in these new campaign pictures. 

She was unveiled as ambassador of Dunes Center located in highbrow district of Maitama in Abuja, weeks back.

It opened for business in July 2004.

Lilian-Esoro-Dune-Center8 Lilian-Esoro-Dune-Center9 Lilian-Esoro-Dune-Center10 Lilian-Esoro-Dune-Center  Lilian-Esoro-Dune-Center2 Lilian-Esoro-Dune-Center3 Lilian-Esoro-Dune-Center4 Lilian-Esoro-Dune-Center5 Lilian-Esoro-Dune-Center6