Causes Of Excessive Gas, Farting Before And During Menstrual Period

It is common knowledge that Premenstrual Syndrome commonly known as PMS is a common condition that many women experience before their menstrual period.

While PMS can cause both physical and mood changes like breast swelling and tenderness, acne breakouts and mood swings, gastrointestinal problems are also quite common. Gastrointestinal issues experienced days before or sometimes during the menstrual period may include abdominal bloating, diarrhea or constipation, abdominal cramping, and excess gas.

However, abdominal bloating and excess gas are the most common symptoms of PMS for many women before and during the period.

Shedding light on why most women experience this, Dr. Chukwudi Ufondu, women health specialist said, these happen due to fluctuating hormone levels during the period. “Most women experience whole body system changes during the period. These changes are mainly due to shifting and fluctuating levels of hormones and prostaglandins during this period. With the changes in hormones come changes in the number and activities of the gut bacteria.”

Dr. Ufondu added that “Normally, before your period, the lining (cover) in your womb thickens to get ready for implantation, and as the womb gets more engorged (filled with blood and fluid), it can press up against the colon and lead to constipation, bloating, and farting.

“The hormone progesterone peaks (increases) right before your period, which may have an effect on how things move through your intestines and also the activities of the gut bacteria.”

The food women eat before and during the menstrual period also plays a major role in the cause of farting and gas during their period. Women crave for different types of food due to the high progesterone levels related to their period which triggers irrational eating and dissatisfaction with the body.

According to Dr. Ufondu, eating dairy products and sweets can lead to gas production and fart formation. “The type of food you eat about the time before and during your period also plays a huge role. Some women crave dairy products like cheese, ice cream, and more cheese and it happens to lead to more gas production and fart formation.”

Although coffee helps in bowel movement for some women, however, it can lead to the production of gas during the period disclosed Dr. Ufondu.

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He added, “Another reason you may poop, produce more gas and fart is consumption of coffee. For some people, their morning cup of coffee helps get the bowels moving on a regular basis, however, during the period, this can lead to increased production of gas.”

You should know that the build-up of poop can cause bacteria and foul smell to transpire.

You can help reduce these discomforts before or during your menstrual period by drinking lots of water to help move waste through your body more efficiently. You should also exercise regularly to help you stay fit and avoid constipation too.

Similarly, eat smaller portions of food at a slower pace to limit gas production as well as improve digestion. You should also limit your intake of foods known to cause intestinal gas such as beans, lentils, cabbage, and others.