Chandra Dangi World’s Shortest Man Dies

Nepal’s Chandra Bahadur Dangi, the shortest man in the world passed on September 4, evening at a hospital in American Samoa.

Dangi, who was 21.5 inches tall according to Guinness World Records, died of an undisclosed illness at Lyndon B. Johnson Tropical Medical Center in Pago Pago, a hospital spokeswoman said. But it was believed he has been suffering from pneumonia.

Dangi was being treated in Nepal but travelled to American Samoa for an appearance and had to be rushed to hospital after his symptoms worsened. He was 75 years old.


A Guinness World Records spokesman released a tribute to the ‘extraordinary’ dwarf. It read:

“Guinness World Records (GWR), the global authority in record breaking achievements, is deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Mr Chandra Dangi, who held the title of shortest man in the world.

“GWR would like to express its sincere and heartfelt condolences to Mr Dangi’s family in this difficult time.

“He will be remembered forever as an iconic and extraordinary record holder.”