Chic Red Pumps

Red is a bright colour that will never go unnoticed. Hence, wearing red pumps is a fabulous and easy way to express yourself and make an audacious fashion statement. Adding a pair of elegant red pumps in any style will definitely spice up a dull outfit.

It takes your ensemble up a notch without looking like you are trying very hard. Red pumps come with different heel heights and styles, therefore, making it possible to wear them to work, parties, weddings and other special events. However, since red is a loud colour, it is advisable to harmonise it with neutral colours like black, white, brown, navy blue, grey and cream. This is to make the shoe the centre of the attraction. Also if you intend to wear your red pumps with a print dress or top, then, look for a pattern that has some shades of red.

Red shoes look fashionable with dark colours because aside standing out, they also look more alluring. They also blend well with casual, work and sophisticated outfits. You can opt for the shorter or stiletto heels depending on how comfortable you want to be as well as the fashion statement you intend to make. You may also want to look for darker shades of red such as burgundy.

The red pumps already speak for themselves. So whatever style of red pumps you opt for, ensure it is stylish and makes a bold fashion statement.