Covid-19: Tallest Model In Sub-saharan Africa, Bakare Mubarak, Encourages Safety Measures

In a bid to contribute his quota in combating the global pandemic, coronavirus, the tallest model in Sub-saharan Africa, Bakare Mubarak, takes to the streets of Lagos, to give an affirmative of the pandemic and ultimately encourage the populace to wash their hands as often as possible, just as the World Health Organisation (WHO) has recommended.

The Commonwealth Culture and Charity ambassador, also encourage people around the world to take safety precaution with alacrity, by means of social distancing, using hand sanitizers, wearing of face masks, covering of mouth while coughing or sneezing as well as visit a doctor following any feeling of unwellness, so as to avoid the rapid spread of the disease, thereby reducing the rate of impending victims.

“Covid-19 is a reality that is changing our life patterns globally, our economies and perception.

“In all, we are faced with the responsibility of spreading the facts and not fear, spreading strength and not stigma, as we share a common World and this pandemic reminds us of our interconnectedness.

“Ultimately, we are in this together and we must combat it in oneness, to redeem our World.”

Social Distancing

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