Daniel K. Daniel, Okey Uzoeshi, Chigul, Christiana Martin, Others Feature In “Scorned”

Christiana Martin and Tokunbo Ahmed, recently co-produced “Scorned”, another movie that seeks to tackle one of the raving social issues that has affected many in Nigeria and even in diaspora- rape.“Scorned” is the story of a rape victim who took her time to plan her revenge against a rapist who completely forgot about the damage he had done to a young innocent girl. It showcases the psychological damage she went through and the effects the rape still has on her as an adult. And how silence out of fear and shame can either make you or break you.

The movie has just concluded its production process and has delved into post production in anticipation of its cinema release, which is not too far away.


”Scorned” stars talented, fast rising stars in the industry like Daniel K. Daniel, Christiana Martin, Okey Uzoeshi,  Chelsea Eze, Chigul, Funny Bone and a few others, who interpreted their roles beautifully well.

The movie “Scorned” is a voice for raped victims and those who have been robbed of their voice to speak and be free.

The movie will take you through the hidden psychological trauma that you never knew existed.