Defilement: Chrisland Schools Supervisor Adegboyega Adenekan Sentenced To 60 Years Imprisonment

A 47-year-old supervisor with Chrisland Schools, Adegboyega Adenekan, was today, Thursday, October 24, sentenced to 60 years imprisonment for defiling a two-year-old pupil under his care.

Adenekan was sentenced by the Sexual Offences and Domestic Violence Court sitting in Ikeja, presided over by Justice Sybil Nwaka.

In sending Adegboyega Adenekan who had pleaded not guilty to the charge made against him by the Lagos State government, to the prison term, Justice Cybil Nwaka described the Chrisland Schools’ Supervisor Adegboyega Adenekan, as wicked, conscienceless and an animal who is not worthy of walking on the streets of Lagos.

It would be recalled that the Lagos State government had accused Adegboyega Adenekan of committing the offence sometime in November 2016 at Chrisland Schools, Victoria Garden City (VGC), Lagos State, Nigeria.

The Lagos State government had particularly stated that: “The defendant defiled the complainant by having unlawful sexual intercourse with her.

Adegboyega Adenekan
“The offence violated Section 137 of the Criminal Law of Lagos State 2011.”

In the course of the trial, the Chrisland Schools pupil (Name withheld) informed Justice Sybil Nwaka that she was defiled by a 47-year-old supervisor of the school, Adegboyega Adenekan.

It is recalled that as at the time the incident happen in 2016 at the Victoria Garden City (VGC) branch of the school, the pupil was two years and 11-months.

The pupil who is now four-years-old, had been led in evidence by counsel to the prosecution, Jide Boye, who asked series of questions with the following response from the allegedly defiled pupil:

Boye: How old are you?

Pupil: “Four”

Boye: How many schools have you attended?

Pupil: “Two”

Boye: What are the names of the schools?

Pupil: “Chrisland, Grange School”

Boye pointing at  Adenekan: Do you know him?

Pupil: “No”

Boye: Who is Mr Adenekan?

Pupil: “When I go to class after recess, I see Mr Adenekan after recess”

Boye: What did Mr Adenekan do to you?

Pupil: “He put his mouth in my wee-wee, the first time he did that, he took me out of the class. The second time, I ran.

“I tried to report to my teacher but my teacher did not believe me, so I reported to my mummy.

“First time he did it was inside his office which was the toilet, the second time he did it was in the hall which was outside.

“I did not like what he did, he put his hand in my wee-wee, he put his wee-wee in my wee-wee and he put his mouth in my wee-wee.”

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At this stage, the prosecution led by Boye went ahead to show the pupil three photographs, one of which was Adenekan’s.


The allegedly defiled pupil then identified the photograph of Adenekan.

The Chrisland Schools pupil said: “This is Mr Adenekan, I remember how he used to greet me but I don’t know where he is.”

Boye: How did you feel when he was doing it to you?

Pupil: “I felt I should tell my mummy, I felt pain.”

Boye: When he did it, what were you wearing?

Pupil: “My Chrisland School uniform.”

Boye: Can you describe how he did it to you?”

Pupil: “He put his hand under my uniform, he put his hand in my wee-wee, pull my uniform down and it was really paining me.


“When it was really paining me, I screamed and he covered my mouth like this (demonstrated with hand over her mouth).

“I couldn’t do anything because he covered my mouth. When I was trying to remove it (his hand) he tightened my mouth.”

Boye: Describe his office?

Pupil: “I cannot remember.”

Also testifying before the court, Mrs Victoria (Not her real name) mother of 2 year 11 months old pre-school girl abused sexually at Chrisland Schools, Lekki, Victoria Island, Lagos by the supervisor of the Primary School section,  Adenekan Adegboyega, said: “November 10, 2016, on a Thursday, I picked her up from school. At home I took her to the restroom and while helping to pull her clothes, I casually told her, don’t let anybody touch your (wewe), private part.

“Nothing prepared me for the response I got. Honestly, I thought I was making a statement that would generate, Ok, mummy.

“But the next thing she said is that he put his wewe into my ‘wewe’.

“The first thing I did was to call my husband who was out of the country but he didn’t pick so I sent him WhatsApp message.

“The same day, I called her class teacher, telling him, my daughter said she has been abused and asked, has anybody taken her out of the class?

“She can identify her abuser.

“But the class teacher said No. In the evening that same day, I called another teacher who lives in the estate.

“She is like a mother to me, but she said he (Adenekan) could not do it and that he is a pastor but I told him this is what my child told me.

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“On Friday, I took my child to school around 11am. Ironically, as we were entering the school, we saw him.

“A cleaner saw me coming and said: The Love that exists between your daughter and this man (Adenekan) is like this (demonstrating with two fingers crossed).

“I went to her school teacher and told her that my daughter said she has been abused and asked who takes her out of the class. But the class teacher said no. That same Friday, I took her to the paediatric doctor.

”I wanted to cover it up because I was scared of stigmatization and the press.

“I was not going to press for charges but when he(Adenekan) told my daughter that if she tells anybody, her mother was going to die, that he will kill her and that her mother and dad would die.

“I took her to Heritage Hospital, Badore. The doctor examined her and confirmed there was redness (Heredima) in her and that her private part has been damaged.

“So, at night, I took her to the house of the Senior Supervisor in my estate. My daughter told the woman everything and she said she is going to talk to him.

“Through somebody I got his number and I called him.

“I told him, ‘this is the girl’s mother and that my daughter said you have been sexually abusing her and her reply was, “I have heard all you said.’

“Honestly, I wished I recorded the conversation. I told him to stop abusing her if not I will report him to the school.”