DIY: Tricks To Remove Stubborn Lipstick Residue

Glamming it up with colourful lipstick is always fun for any lady. But sometimes you can’t avoid a little cosmetic calamity in the form of lipstick reside on your lips.

So if you tried to remove that lipstick and it seems stubborn, there is no worries. Here are simple tricks to remove even the most stubborn lipstick colour so your lips look fresh and you don’t also smear  your pillow.


Baby oil

A lint-free washcloth

A soft-bristle toothbrush.

What to do

Drop a layer of baby oil directly onto your lips with your finger and leave for a minute. You could also use the waiting time to remove makeup from the rest of your face. Then, use the cloth and swipe from the outside edges of your mouth toward the centre.

If after this process your lips are still a little stained, just use the toothbrush and scrub off any excess in small, circular motions.

At the end, you will not only remove stubborn lipstick stains but exfoliate your lips as well. It’s that easy, so try it.

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