Dress to Impress! Beautiful Wedding Style Inspirations

It’s another Saturday! For some, it’s time to attend a wedding or two. Hence, many women look forward to Saturday’s because it’s the day to rock that special lace or Ankara aso ebi style specially made for the occassion. You can never run out of ideas for your aso ebi that’s for sure.

These styles can be creatively designed by your designer by just sighting and feeling the fabric or even copied from a fashion magazine if the fabric is similar to any in the magazine.

Well, it doesn’t really matter where and how you get your style, what’s important is that the style is gorgeous, makes a style statement and also flatters your shape. Most importantly, it should define your personality.

There are a variety of styles to select from like short dress, floor length, short or long skirt and top and lots more. You should never opt for any style you are certain will make you feel comfortable just because it’s trending or that’s the style your circle of friends are going to sew. However, the choice is solely yours to make.

You should not forget your accessories. But, whether you should accessorise depends on the style of the outfit as well as the kind of accoutrements added to the outfit.

And finally, you should beautifully show off your gele or turban, clutch and complimenting footwear. And for some women, it’s also when they have the time for an impeccable face beat.

Whatever style you choose for that wedding, ensure you don’t just standout, also make a lasting fashion statement.


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