Everything You Need to Know About Mommy Makeover

Getting your pre-pregnancy body back can prove to be more difficult for some women. Depending on the level of skin and muscle stretching, diet and regular exercise might not be enough to solve the problem and make the body fit as it was before.

In that case, opting for a mommy makeover might be a good option for you because you’ll be able to target the specific areas on your body that cannot be dealt with naturally.


If you listen to the doctor’s advice and follow the prescription regimen of physical activity and diet after the liposuction, its effects can prove to be long-term. Of course, these results won’t be permanent if you plan another pregnancy. Still, liposuction is known to be one of the most successful ways to get rid of additional body fat, especially in the areas that are difficult to target with regular exercises such as hips, abdomen, love handles and upper arms. Recovery from liposuction requires a certain period of time – four weeks in general – so make sure that you have someone to help you with the chores and your child.

Tummy tuck

Lower body lift, or tummy tuck, is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures when it comes to a mommy makeover. While fat can be removed with liposuction, the problem of saggy skin around the stomach and hip area can stay. In that respect, a tummy tuck can be a perfect solution for the issue of lost elasticity. This is especially important for older mothers that experience the natural loss of elasticity in their skin.

Check out NuBody concepts’ tummy tuck before and after gallery to see how drastically tummy tucks can reduce fat in the abdominal area.

Moreover, lower body lift doesn’t only involve tummy tuck but also vaginal lift and vaginal wall tightening, so make sure to discuss all your options with your doctor and express your worries and issues you might have as soon as possible.

Breast lift

Breast lifts, or breast augmentations, are highly sought after procedures since most women experience the change in shape of their breasts after pregnancy. In order to get breast augmentation in Sydney, you should definitely consult a professional in this area first, who will tell you what your best options are. You might only have the need for a breast lift that would perk up the breasts and minimize sagginess. On the other hand, breast augmentation can significantly change the appearance of your breasts and return them to their previous state or make them a bit larger, whatever it is that you wish. Of course, refrain from any procedure while you’re still breastfeeding, and be aware that the procedure can lose its effect if you plan to give birth again.

Be prepared

The above-mentioned cosmetic procedures all require a recovery time of at least a month so make sure to prepare everything necessary for your relaxed and stress-free recovery period. Have someone with you to help with daily activities during this period and get some meals pre-made for the first days of recovery. Also, make sure to quit smoking pre-and post-surgery, and take all the meds and vitamins that your doctor prescribed. A healthy diet and lots of rest can also help speed up the recovery process.

Before you opt for a mommy makeover, make sure you analyze and consider the best options for you. Another pregnancy can negate all the effects of the cosmetic procedures and if you’re not ready to change your lifestyle, the surgery can be in vain. Moreover, get all your affairs in order before the surgery if you don’t want to risk any complications during the recovery period.

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Peter Minkoff is a guest writer.