Eye Health: Always Wear Your Safety Goggles At Work

Eye Health: Always Wear Your Safety Goggles At Work



Your eyes are irreplaceable, so it is immensely vital to protect the eyes with safety goggles at work, especially in the construction industry. There are different kinds of safety goggles.

It serves as eye protection for someone carrying out a welding operation, a worker on its duty to woodcutting operation, or wearing this if you go shopping to protect you from dust, airborne particles, and even deadly viruses.

While it is hard to make sure your eyes are entirely protected using typical eyewear, it is best to find yourself a safe and strong pair of safety goggles as they will comply with safety standards. Just because a safety goggle is cheap does not necessarily mean that it is the best option. Never compromise price over the quality of the item; you do not want to have regrets later. To make sure you buy a legit one, look for a seal on their products, showcasing that the product follows the government’s safety standards.


Why Is It Important to Protect Your Eyes in The Industrial Workplace?

About three out of five workers getting injured are wearing the wrong kind of eyewear, or not wearing any at all. Around $300 million per year are lost due to eye injuries alone. Small particles or objects such as metal silvers and wood dust typically cause eye injuries to most of the workforce. Flying objects or sparks abrading the eye is common for 70% of the workforce working for the construction industry. Almost 3 out of 5 of the items that injured workers were so small it couldn’t be prevented by typical eyewear.

Craft workers are the ones most prone to eye injuries, while electricians, plumbers, and pipefitters are less likely to suffer from eye injuries from tiny objects. But because different labour work requires different protection; eye protection should always be integrated with their PPE protocols to prevent eye injuries.


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Why Should You Always Wear Your Safety Goggles?

You cannot always remember to wear your eye protection every day. But once you find a safety goggle that definitely suits you and your style, it is easy to comply with the company’s protocols.

As with other PPE types, safety goggles will not protect you if it stays on top of your head or hangs in your neck. It is essential to find the safety goggles that you feel comfortable enough for you to wear throughout the day. Safety goggles, too, have enhanced comfort features, including cushioned brows, padded nose bridge, frames with proper ventilation, and lenses with adjustable angles.

To prevent more injuries from highly harmful objects or chemicals, always wear your safety goggles. It is good to instil the habit of wearing your safety goggles once you enter work premises, just to make sure you have them when accidents happen.

Wearing one also allows you to be more confident when handling harmful chemicals without the anxiety of damaging your eyes. Safety goggles also work best when handling infectious materials; this eye protection is your first line of defence against the infection. Safety goggles also protect the eye from physical trauma. If an explosion occurs in your working lab, safety goggles might be the only thing that safeguards you from getting blind or badly hurt.

Protecting your eyes at all costs is a good investment to take in reducing the risk of a blinding injury.




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