Fame Has Taught Me To Be More Patient – Nosa Rex

Nollywood actor, Nosa Rex Okunzuwa has become a name to be reckoned with in Nollywood.

The father of two and a graduate of Mechanical Engineering began his acting career in 2010 in the movie, Gazza Treasure. And over the years, Nosa has featured in a number of movies like ‘My best friend’s wedding’, ‘Troubled King’, ‘Burning cold’ and more.

In this exclusive interview with glamtush, the CEO of Big things production talks fame, family, his clothing line and more.

What is the latest thing about you?

Right now I am into big things.  I have my clothing line (Big things shirt) and I am working on some personal projects as well.

Aside from acting, acting what other thing gives you joy?

Spending time with my family gives me joy and making sure they are happy.  I have so much joy inside of me when they are all doing well. Also, making money gives me joy.

Have you had any embarrassing moments with your female fans?

Yeah, I have. A female fan has actually hugged and given me a quick kiss. Not bad though but I found it embarrassing because I wasn’t expecting it. She took me by surprise.

What could you consider to be the boldest step you’ve ever taken in life?

It will be making that move to get married when I did.  That was a very bold step for me.

Aside from acting what other thing do you do?

I am a businessman. I have a clothing line where I sell my designs (into big things shirt) and also if you need a car, I can help you with that too.

Is there any role you wouldn’t accept?

I don’t think I will play the role of a gay if it’s deeper than just saying it.  Nah, I have never played that role and I don’t think I will want to.

How did you come about the slangs ‘Into big things?’

Well ‘Into big things’ was a slang I used in a movie that did very well. The title of the movie is ‘Caro the iron bender’ featuring Ini Edo. People enjoyed the movie and that’s how they started calling me by that name. How I got the slangs ‘Into big things’ in that movie till now I don’t understand. I think God put it in my mouth.

What would you say being an actor has done for you?

Well, it has done a lot and has taught me a lot about life.  I mean getting to play different roles and actually knowing what people are going through every day. It has opened my eyes to so many things and I have met great people. Being an actor has brought favour although it has its own negative side.

What has fame changed about you?

Nothing really.  I am still me but I am now more patient.

Growing up as a young man did you ever imagine being an actor?

Now let me explain.  I didn’t ever believe I will become an actor. But as a child, I was acting in the church and in school.  Also, I always imagine myself been interviewed. As a matter of fact, I do tell my brother or uncle to ask me questions like I am a star.  It is funny to me now.

How fulfilled are you as an actor?

I thank God. I am fulfilled, balancing my career and family.  God has been faithful so I am good on all sides. Thanks to God.

What is that outfit you own that you feel most comfortable in?

That’s my shirt.  Very nice, comfy (big things shirt)

How would you describe your personal style?

It is simple, unique and classy.