This Is Fate 10 September 2020 Update

This Is Fate 10 September 2020 Update



This is Fate 10 September 2020 update starts as Karan after opening the door gets really frustrated seeing Preeta helping Maria, he exclaims that he has brought the ointment and never needed her help, Preeta says that she knows what he is capable off but she is already massaging her so must not be disturbed, Maira yells, Karan immediately holds her which makes Preeta uncomfortable as he is really concerned for her.

Sherlin enters the ground, she asks about Karan, she is thinking that Preeta came to their house at Diwali because of Maira but now she will be the cause of her being thrown out of the Luthra mansion. Maria exclaims that Preeta is really good at her job because she feels a lot better, Preeta mentions that it is not so easy and she has to take care of herself, Karan taunts Preeta by saying that she is telling the truth because sometimes the people who seem good are the ones that cause pain, Preeta gets up to take the box from him but he does not let it go.

They both are holding each other’s hands when Sherlin sees them both together from the hall she is left wondering what might be going on between them so leaves, Preeta pleads with Karan to stop acting childish, she heads back to Maira. Shrlin is heading towards her car, she is thinking what Karina explained to Maria that she should focus on impressing Karan, she also has to make sure that Karina marries Karan to Maira, she is not able to understand what is happening, so immediately leaves.

Prithvi is on the phone in his house talking with someone, Sherlin enters the house, he asks what the matter is because they met just last night, he asks the reason to which she explains that they planned to take the sign of Rishab but the lawyer explained that it will take some time because all of their property is through a trust so they cannot achieve their plan so easily, he ask her to calm down because then eh will get frustrated she gets really nervous explaining that it will take some time for her to get the papers signed,

Prithvi explains that it doesn’t matter because they have unlimited time so she doesn’t need worry for anything, Sherlin exclaims that she wishes that everything go according to their plan, Prithvi asks the reason, she mentions that she saw Karan and Preeta together at the locker, Sherlin mentions that Preeta is still running after Karan and if their differences diminish then they will not be able to achieve their plan, Prithvi responds by saying that he has a plan to make them both stay apart.

They both will implant misunderstandings between them which will ruin them all, they created just a single misunderstanding which caused them to lie separate lives so now they will implant a new misunderstanding, and he explains that she has to meet MR Dubay who is a lawyer. Sherlin goes to meet him, he asks her what she has for him because he always succeeds in any case which he takes, she explains that she doesn’t need his skills but wants that he send a notice at the Luthra mansion by the name of Preeta for Karan, he takes the money and agrees to her plan.

Karan is with Maira when Shiv comes asking that the coach has called them for a meeting, when they go out Shiv mentions that the coach warned that family members are not allowed in the locker room,. He agrees to handle the situation, Maira ask Preeta if she wants to stay with Karan, she asks the reason Maria asked her this question, Preeta explains that she doesn’t like Karan at all because he is not even a good person, he is not aware of the feelings of sympathy for others so she doesn’t want to stray with him, Karan hears everything, he comes asking if she has said everything which she wanted to.

Prithvi is in the car wondering why Preeta is still running after Karan because now he will impress Sarla along with her entire family which will force her to marry him, Sherlin enters the car in a light mood, she calls him, he is also waiting for her call, he explains that now she has done her part so he will focus on what he has to do, they will create such differences between Karan and Preeta that they will have to walk away.

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Karan asks Preeta if she is done with her treatment, she responds by saying yes, he explains that Maira cannot be in the locker room as the family members are not allowed, she apologizes, then he takes her in his arms, asking Preeta to open the door for them before leaving.

Maira is daydreaming when Karan is taking her to the car, she remembers all the romantic moments that they have spent, he makes her stand beside his car then helping her sit in, they both are really suffering after the encounter.

Maitra is wondering that Karan is a really wonderful person, Karan is also thinking what Preeta said that he did not have a heart and was not a gentleman but in his scene is a wonderful person because he is helping Maira who is in trouble, he is about to sit in the car but he runs back asking her to wait, Maira feels that she has gotten him, she gets excited and so hurts herself.

Preeta gets really frustrated and is abo0ut to break the bat when Shiv comes, she gets really amazed at seeing her, then she explains that she just wanted to know how it would be to handle a bat, she leaves the room.

Preeta is walking outside when Karan stops her, warning that she should stop saying any sort of thing regarding him to anyone, Preeta asks if Mira came to know about how he really is, enquiring if she is fighting with him, Shiv comes mentioning that he is thinking of a new strategy, Karan gets harsh with him saying that he should not disturb them, Shiv feels offended so warns him to remain in huis limits, Preeta explains that he doesn’t know how to remain calm and is always frustrated, she leaves. Karan says to Shiv that he has now witnessed how rude and uncivilized she is, Shiv does not share the same feelings so leaves as he doesn’t want to hear anythi9mng bad from Karan for Preeta.

Karan vows to make sure Preeta stays away from his friends. Prithvi comes to the Auroras house he sees Bi jee so greets her explaining that he came to meet Sarla as she was not well, so he came to ask if she is also alright, Prithvi asks where Sarla is, she explains that she will come back very soon, Prithvi thinks that he has to make sure that becomes everyone’s favourite at their house and so will not let Karan come back to their house, Sarla also comes, he immediately asks how she is feeling forcing her to sit with him, she asks Janki to make some tea for him but he explains that he will not let her make tea as he wants to do something that a son does, he forces them to let him make tea for them as he is a very good chef. He goes saying that no one should come to the kitchen.

Sarla is very shocked to see Janki, Bi jee explains that the reason is she was not feeling well from the morning but is now really happy, Sarla answers that she did not eat anything because her mouth had a very sour taste from the medicine so she did not want to eat anything, Prithvi listening to everything thinks that he will make sure that he becomes everyone’s favourite which will stop Karan from entering the Auroras family again.

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Prithvi brings the tea when everyone takes it and there is not a cup left for him, Bi jee asks the reason, he explains that he just wanted them to drink the tea which he prepared, he asks for their leave because he has a lot of work to do which is still pending, he lefty his office work, Sarla gets tensed, he explains that he can do something for her, he asks her to text him if she likes the tea.

Bi jee says that she feels she was wrong and he might have been the right choice for Preeta, Sarla says that she had chosen him for Preeta but life had something else planned for them and Preeta had to face such extreme circumstances, Bi jee advises that they should forget everything that has happened in the past and forget about karan, Sarla mentions that she wants to but cannot when Preeta is not forgetting anything, she saw a photo of karan in her wardrobe, Janki consoles her wishing that everything gets alright really soon,.

Rakhi and Karina come to the hall, Rakhi calls Ganesh, Sherlin responds by saying that he has gone to get water, Karina asks where she was as they were calling her Sherlin mentions that she was with her mother but Karina asks how it can be as Sanjana was with her the entire day. Sherlin says that she went to meet her but her mother did not come and so she went shopping, Rakhi asks to show them what she bough.

Ganesh brings the water, Sherlin takes the glass and is wondering what she will tell them about what she bought, Karan brings Maira to the house by holding her in his arms, they all asks what happened, he explains that she twisted her leg but she is fine now and was also checked by the physiotherapist at the ground, Sherlin wonders why he did not mention Preetas name so she has to take advantage of the situation, Karina asks Rakhi if she ahs seen how caring Karan is towards Maira, Rakhi says that Karan is the same with everyone, she leaves mentioning that she has to give Mahesh medicine.

Sherlin asks Karina to come with her as she talks with her regarding Preeta. Shrishti si really yearning for food, she asks Preeta to hurry up, Sarla asks that she also help everyone, Shrishti explains that why should she work when everyone is happy, Sarla says that she has a surprise for her in the room, Shrishti feels hesitant but Sarla takes her by force.

This is Fate 10 September 2020 update ends as Preeta is really happy to see how happy to see Sarla smiling, Janki explains that she is just pretending and is really worried for Preeta, She hearing the truth bows to make Sarla understand that she has moved on with her life, Janki gets curious asking if she is pretending to move forward.