Five Amazing Benefits Of Co-Sleeping With Your Baby

The debate whether co-sleeping with baby is beneficial or not has been on for ages now. While some people believe that it is best not to let your baby sleep next to you, scientists have a different viewpoint to offer.

Like every other issue, this coin too has two sides. In our opinion, the positive side outweighs the negative one way more. Hence putting all the debate to a spin, we clearly say – ‘co-sleeping with baby is very good!’

So here we are, discussing few of the many benefits of co sleeping with your baby.

Co-sleeping is believed (scientists have evidences) to benefit almost everyone in the family. Most of these benefits are well experienced by parents and scientists across the world. Let us see how to co sleep with baby:

  • Better Sleep For The Baby

When you co-sleep with your baby, you actually help him or her sleep better. It makes it more pleasant for babies and puts them to rest more effectively.

Most young babies are used to sleeping at the breasts of the mother or in the arms of the father. They realise that sleeping is a good and peaceful thing.

Even if your baby wakes up (which obviously she would) in the middle of the night, you are right there to look after her. This prevents your baby from being frightened and hence sleep better.

  • Mother Sleeps Better

One of the most dreaded part of parenting, for mothers, is sleeping peacefully. When you co-sleep with your baby, you actually achieve a harmony of a sort with your baby’s sleep cycle. This helps you sync your routine, sleep pattern and day cycle with that of your baby’s.

When your baby wakes up in the night, a simple squirm or whimper alerts you and you give her what she needs – You!

If your baby does not co-sleep with you, this mere squirm can soon turn into a loud crying and even wailing. This is sure to disturb both yours and your baby’s sleep.

This way the sleep pattern isn’t disturbed much and both you and your baby can once again slip into deep comforting sleep.

  • Better Bonding

You cannot go wrong for co-sleeping with your baby on this one. When you get more attached to your baby, it is sure have its repercussions on your baby’s life in a good way.

When your baby co-sleeps with you, she is sure to not only thrive better but to get more attached to you too. This bond, thus created, goes a long way in building a good parent-baby relationship.

  • Breastfeeding Becomes Much Easier

Mothers who co-sleep with their babies have always found breastfeeding at night much easier. It becomes easier to put your baby to sleep while you breastfeed her at night.

Even when your baby wakes, she senses you around and may start feeding herself. This prevents your baby from completely waking up and puts her back to sleep easily.

If you find breastfeeding difficult during the day, you sure will notice the difference and ease with which you feed your baby in the night while co-sleeping.

  • Spend More Time

Today’s changing scenario demands most mothers to stay away from their babies for most part of the day. As a working woman, you have to (many a times out of compulsion) stay away from your baby during the day. This leaves you with very less time to spend with your baby.

Once you get back home, all you want to do is probably take a shower, eat and hit the sack. In this situation, when your baby sleeps nestled next to you, you actually get to reconnect with your baby.

Bedtime games and stories make for the best childhood memories, bond over a simple tickle game. This often proves to be a good time to catch up on everything your baby did during the day. The touch of your baby will not only make her feel at ease, but will also help you release all your stress and tension.

Co-sleeping is sure a great way of security for your baby. It also is said to prevent babies from wetting their beds as they feel more relaxed and secured with mothers around.

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