Five Benefits Enabling Push Notifications For Your Online Shopping App

The importance of mobile phone in marketing is increasing every day as mobile phone penetration continues to increase. One way the mobile phone is helping marketing is the instant notifications also known as “push notification”. These notifications allow a company like Jumia, Nigeria’s no 1 shopping destinations, to send customers short messages with the help of the app.

So, it is an important in-app marketing tool that eCommerce company now take advantage of. When used correctly, push notifications can be an effective tool in developing your customer relations. Here some of the reasons to push notifications for your online shopping app.

Maintain customer engagement

Push notifications can help businesses attract more customers. The mobile app sends real-time updates and reminders that get customers to regularly engage with the Jumia brand even if they’re not aware of it. The push notifications also allow customers to keep in touch with customers without any intrusion by providing timely messages and relevant information like reward descriptions and special offers. It is also a great way of getting customers to engage in new promotions or features.

Re-engage/retain customers

Many mobile apps have a lot of potential customers who have downloaded the app but don’t use it. Push notifications are a good way to turn these inactive customers into active customers. Through notification messages, brands can provide customers with reminders, personalized offers, and breaking offers. If your mobile notifications can show direct personal value, you’re much more likely to retain customers for the long term.

Target the right customers

Some mobile apps can ask for a customer’s permission to access their location. If they grant it, you’ll get a great opportunity to personalize the customer experience with location-based push notifications. A mobile app can send offers that are applicable to customers in a particular region. You can target customers according to state or city. Likewise, you can send push notifications to customers based on their interests.

Increased conversion rates

Timely marketing messages are the best way to increase conversion rates because they can notify customers or create a sense of urgency. With mobile notifications, you can trigger immediate purchases. Send your customers informative messages and let them know about special discounts or limited-time offers in your online shop.

Track relevant metrics

Push notifications can help to track customer behaviour as they offer analytics with data on delivery receipts, open rates, open times, and engagement. With push notifications, you can get valuable insights into customer behaviour including interaction times and click-through rates to see which messages are more likely to be opened. Based on customer behaviour data, you can launch campaigns that connect better with them.