Five Things You Should Never Do If You Want a Decent Sleep At A Hotel

A hotel should be a home away from home. A place where you can relax and sleep without any disturbance especially at night. Of course, the hotels you book on jumia travel provides this kind of quiet and serene ambiance.

Nevertheless, certain individuals lodge in one of the best hotels in Lagos, they never get a decent sleep due to some of the things they do before going to bed.

They are always turning and tossing from left to right and in the morning, they wake up groggy, and tired. It is the hotel receptionist who bears the brunt as the guest complains bitterly about the fact that he didn’t get a good sleep. Whose fault? If you are one of those who does not get a night’s rest at a hotel, Jumia Travel shares 5 things you should never do to help you sleep better.

Sleeping in a room that is brightly lit

You may be tempted to leave the lights of your room on because you are not used to the hotel room you are sleeping. What you should do is to either dim the light or you simply switch it off.

Consuming caffeine

Recall when you were preparing for exams and you have a cup of coffee or tea on your table to prevent you from sleeping? This is actually true. Drinking tea or coffee which has quite a high amount of caffeine will never allow you sleep well. You will discover that you keep waking up in the Eko Garden Standard Room you booked at Eko Hotel and Suites.


You wonder why someone should hit the gym before going to bed. Perhaps, he or she wants to desperately reduce cut some fat. Your exercise won’t have any effect. If you must exercise, you should do it at least two or three hours before going to bed.


You are famished and probably due to your busy schedule, you couldn’t take breakfast and lunch. As a typical Nigerian executive, you order both breakfast and lunch as dinner. After the heavy dinner, you didn’t relax for a few minutes for the food to digest, you just went to bed. It means you don’t want to sleep. Normally, you should eat light healthy foods at night if don’t want to have difficulty sleeping in your hotel room.

Don’t use technology

This is one of the most common reasons why many of don’t get a good sleep whether we are lounging in a hotel or not. We surf the internet, chat, text, watch movies and other things with our phones. If you are serious about sleeping properly, you get rid of any technology around you. You can put your phone on silent.