Five Tricks to Make Your High Heels More Comfortable

Many women love to wear high heel shoes for that exquisite and confidence look. But when you cannot walk in your favourite heels, then, it really takes all the fun and beauty out of them.

So here are tips to make wearing your heels as comfortable as possible instead of ‘murdering’ your feet at that special occasion.

Not every heel needs to be super-high

Every heel does not have to be 4 or 6 inches tall. You can also opt for kitten or medium heel shoes that don’t put as much pressure on the ball of your foot, which is often times the source of the most discomfort.

Avoid wearing brand new heels to a big/special event

You need to develop a relationship with the shoes first so that you don’t get very uncomfortable in it at that big/special event. You should at least wear them once before the event so that you know how to prep them properly. It is better to have flats handy just in case so that you don’t suffer in silence.

Rotate different toe styles

Pointed-toe heels look great no doubt but it is advisable to take break from them sometimes. Hence, you should rotate between a round toe, open toe and pointed toe shoes.

Size up when in doubt

If you have to choose between a pair of heels that is slightly snug or loose, then, you should go with the latter so that you can always pad them. Opting for slightly snug and hoping they will eventually stretch usually leads to discomfort, disappointment and waste of money as well.

Comfortable heels can get uncomfortable sometimes

Sometimes you can feel uncomfortable even in your most comfortable heels especially if you will be wearing them all day long. But padding the foot bed and stuffing cotton balls in the toes can help. That is why it will be good to keep a few cotton balls in your handbag.