Four New Series And A Major Comeback Soon On Zee World

There is no arguing that Nigeria has a deep love and beautiful romance with Indian soaps.

This became even more obvious when Zee Entertainment network came to Nigeria with Zee World, the continent’s first Indian content channel that was entirely dubbed over in English, opening up the market to the near 600 million English-speaking Africans on the continent.

So to thrill its African viewers with more interesting soaps, the Zee stable of channels will be introducing four new soaps and a major series comeback many look forward to for the rest of the year.

Here’s a look at the premiere line-up from July:

Twist of Fate 2 

Premiere month: September 2018
Coming Back! 

Everybody’s favourite series is back with their second season, continuing the cliff-hanger that left viewers guessing what happened to our fun-loving rockstar, Abhi and the ever determined and strong-willed wife, Pragya.

Will they finally get the love they deserve or will Abhi’s evil sister Aliya get what she wants and remove Pragya for good?

How many of you are excited with this news? Just keep your fingers crossed for more deceit, lies, betrayal and love when the series begins!
Twist of Fate 2 will be replacing the series, Sacred Ties.


My Golden Home

Premiere month: July 2018
The story centres round the Golden Palace, which is famously known as Swarn Bhawan (House of Gold) because everything in this house is made of pure gold.

Thakur Uday Pratab Singh is the proud owner of the luxurious mansion, along with his beautiful and humble wife Chandra, and two daughters Abha and Lata, as well as the last-born son, Prakash.

The story takes an unexpected twist when Uday is betrayed by his financial treasure which brings him to bankruptcy, resulting in the family having to put the Mansion up for auction.

The Mansion is then bought by his arch-rival, lawyer Jagmohan Prasad. Generational feuds between the two families come into play, as Jagmohan’s father used to be a driver of Uday’s father.

Uday Senior insulted Prasad Senior, which is why Jagmohan always held a grudge against the Singh family – he wants revenge for what they did to his father.

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Oblivious to the facts, Karan Prasad, who is Jagmohan’s youngest son, falls in love with Abha Singh, which fuels the enmity of the two families. The young couple go through challenges in their marriage and their quest to unite the family.

In their journey, we witness the strength of family love as well as the betrayal of family members who stand with the opposition to gain money and love.

My Golden Home will be replacing My Lost Home.


Premiere month: July 2018

Begusarai is the land of Phulan Thakur and his family. Beguserai is set in the district of Bihar, India where power, wealth and respect are earned through bloodshed and gunfights.

As the leader of the family, Phulan is responsible for picking the heir to his throne, but this is not a simple task as the family is fragmented.

With troubled times approaching, Phulan aims to unite the family to ensure peace prevails amongst the family and across the land.

And then Bhindya arrives – a beautiful and renowned dancer who has evil intentions towards the Thakur family. She aims to manipulate her way into the trust of the family where she can cause them to fragment further.

Her goal is to take over the reins of the family and become the newest ruler of Beguserai herself.

Will Phulan find a worthy candidate to be the new ruler of Begusarai? Will Bhindiya get her way in destroying the Thakur family?
This series which was previously scheduled to premiere in March will now premiere in July as it will be replacing Fire & Fire.


Iron Lady

Premiere month:
July 2018

Indira Sharma is a young woman living with her family in the same house. After her father, Inder Sharma, leaves the family for another woman, Indira is forced, as the only working member of her family, to shoulder all the responsibilities involved in taking care of her family. Stress and family pressure turn her into the “Iron Lady”.

To make more money Indira rents out her upper room to a new tenant called Rishi Kumar. However, as the story progresses, Rishi turns out to be much more than your usual tenant.

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From saving Indira’s sister, Mandira from all sorts of trouble to constantly fighting Indira’s battles with her manipulative father, Inder, as well as helping Indira out personally, Rishi’s charming light-hearted personality slowly breaks through Indira’s cold and stern demeanour and she gradually begins to fall in love with him.

However, as it turns out, Rishi is responsible for running over Indira’s other brother, Viren, in a drunken driving incident, which crippled Viren. He has only come into the Sharma House and Indira’s life looking for redemption.

However, Rishi also falls in love with Indira, but what will become of this love story once all the truth comes to light?

Iron Lady which is literally titled “Hitler Didi” will be replacing King Of Heart Season 2.


Premiere month: October 2018

Amma centres round Zeenat (Amma), who was deserted by her husband and son, due to her strong will and patriotism to try free India from the British rule in the 1940s.

When Zeenat’s uncle and aunt took over her house, she had to take refuge in a temple and start afresh.

Zeenat will have to challenge her moral compass to rise above the people that have wronged her.

How far will she go to become one of the most powerful people in Mumbai?

Amma will be replacing The Promise.

Which one of these series are you excited to watch? Share your views with us.