Fun, Dramatic Statement-Making Bell Sleeve Trend

Whether you call them bell sleeves, flare sleeves or butterfly sleeves, it doesn’t really matter. What really matters is that they look great and will make you look stunning. Bell sleeves are a 70’s fashion trend that has made a huge comeback, and it’s certainly here to stay.

Bell sleeves are without a doubt the best way to look fashion forward right now. That’s why designers and fashion aficionados are not letting go of this dramatic sleeve silhouette anytime soon.

This sleeve silhouette is fitted until a certain part of the arm, and then flares out in a bell shape.  The sleeve is fun, dramatic and perfect for making a fashion statement at any event.  The bell sleeve comes in a mix, which means it could come in form of long and flared, short and cuffed or even 3/4-length. The choice is yours.

Bold bell sleeves are a good option right now because it adds volume to your outfit as well as statement-making details that will make heads turn everywhere you go. Depending on your style, you could opt for bell sleeve tops or dresses.  Bell sleeves tops and dresses make a great style statement, for women who are looking for distinctiveness.

You can wear bell sleeve tops and dresses in different colours, styles and fabrics. Some women rock this sleeve in Ankara, lace and other fabrics to suit their personal style as well as make a stylish statement.

The bell sleeve tops or dresses are the perfect choice if you’re looking to make a fun and bold statement to a simple outfit. However, the key to styling this look is to take a minimalist approach by teaming a bell-sleeved top with a lovely pencil skirt, trousers or jeans for a chic look paired with heels to add a dramatic effect to your entire look.

So if you want to inject a little fun and drama into your outfit, then, the statement making bell sleeve is just ideal. Love them or hate them, bell sleeves have wriggled their way into attention and are here to stay.

Check out some lovely bell sleeve trends.

 Bell sleeves trend Bell sleeves trend

 Bell sleeves trend  Bell sleeves trend

 Bell sleeves trend Bell sleeves trend Bell sleeves trend

 Bell sleeves trend  Bell sleeves trend  Bell sleeves trend  Bell sleeves trend