How To Get A Supermodel Body

Every time we open a fashion magazine, watch a Victoria’s Secret show or look at Instagram posts of supermodels there are two things we feel. One of them is the wish to look like them and the other is disbelief that it can be done, disbelief in the fact that even they look like that.

True, there are many airbrushed and photo shopped photos designed to keep us from seeing the flaws, but we can’t deny the fact that these ladies have killer bods, flaws and all. However, that wish we have to have a body like theirs is not a pipe dream. After all, they’re humans just like us, and if you walk the extra mile (or ten) there is no reason you can’t have the #bodygoals. So, let’s take a sneak peek into their lifestyle, workout and dietary habits and crack the secret.

Get into cardio

You just don’t get legs like those by sitting around and snapping selfies. These girls do work out, frequently and intensely. Bella and Gigi have even given us insight into their workout routine, so the secret is out – there is no such thing as effortless. Most of them are also based in New York City – a walking city, so walking is a good place to start. Then, step it up and start jogging – every morning. Not only will you be well on your way to achieving body goals but you’ll also be doing your body a favor health-wise.

Step it up

Supermodel Body

In the beginning, you will see almost immediate results, but as time goes by you’ll notice that you’re starting to stagnate. When this happens you need to push yourself harder and do more difficult and challenging exercises designed for weight loss. The reason you need to change and intensify your routine is simple – the body gets used to a routine quite quickly, which is why you need to push your boundaries every time you feel like you’re becoming ‘comfortable’ with the exercises and doing your workout becomes a breeze.

If you don’t have it, make it

There are certain things we’re simply not born with, but with the miracle of modern medicine, we can now get them. If you don’t have a waist, the body sculpting procedure called CoolSculpting can get you the results you want. Now, it is known that Victoria’s Secret models have enviable cleavage – one that is perky and tasteful. If Mother Nature wasn’t generous, you can always rely on breast augmentation, a procedure that will give you the cleavage of your dreams. Just make sure to put your body in the hands of the professionals, so you don’t end up with what Samantha Jones calls ‘the watermelon freak show’. You want to look like a model, not Pamela Anderson.

Go big

Supermodel Body

Once you’ve gotten rid of all the excess weight, it’s time to get on the supermodel exercise plan. As supermodel trainer Dan Roberts states, the goal isn’t to be super-muscley or have a six-pack. This is not what a supermodel looks like. This leads us to a great deal of twisting exercises to get that narrow waist and oblique definition. Also, no squats are involved, it’s all about Romanian deadlifts to lift and tighten the buttocks without pumping up the front thighs. This method is to be saved for the end because it isn’t designed for weight loss, and as he says, it works for women who have already reached their golden weight and are not looking to get the supermodel definition.

Last but not least

As you probably already know, no amount of cardio or specifically designed exercises will get you where you want to go if you don’t make major alterations to your diet. green leafy vegetables into your diet and supplements are a vital element of a healthy diet, along with fresh organic produce from the superfood family. Make no mistake, the goal is not to starve yourself as this is not only highly dangerous for your health but also ineffective in the long run. Healthy fats are a desirable part of your diet so don’t be afraid of reaching for nuts. Avoid sugary and processed foods at all cost as these have no nutritional values, and don’t ever be fooled by the ‘fat-free’ sign on the label. Regular water intake is crucial, and make sure you are never thirsty – that means you’re already dehydrated. Finally, if you can, get busy in the bedroom – and when you’re done having fun and getting your heart rate up as well as your stress-relief hormones, make it a priority to get a good night’s sleep as sleep is paramount for your metabolism and cardiovascular health. Enjoy the ride and flaunt that new body.

Supermodel Body

Peter Minoff is a guest writer.