Gory Sight As 3 Battered Kids Rescued From Women In Anambra

Gory Sight As 3 Battered Kids Rescued From Women In Anambra





The police in Akwa Road, Onitsha, Anambra State have arrested two women and rescued three locked up and battered kids.

While the kids looked malnourished, two of them looked battered beyond recognition as they were rescued from rooms filled with fetish items.

The children which include 2 boys and a girl had broken bones and were left lying in the pool of their own blood before they were rushed to the hospital.

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According to the Anambra state police, the women identified as Rejoice Raymond, 39, and Chidi Felicia Nwafor, 80, were arrested by police operatives attached to 3-3 Police Station, Nkwelle.

Following intelligence report, on Friday, February 19, police stormed their address at NO.13 Akunwanta Mbamalu Street, Federal Housing Estates 3-3 Nkwelle Ezunaka, Anambra state, where they found three children locked up in a room.

In the room, was also found a bucket where the children were made to poop as they were not allowed out of the room.

The children, whose parents are not known, were too battered to speak. They were barely conscious and appeared to be in shock.

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According to the Anambra state police, the women had “subjected them to physical and emotional torture without feeding and inflicted several wounds on their body leaving them unconscious.”

The police added in the statement that, “Scene was visited by the DPO 3-3 CSP Abdu Bawa where gory sights of badly battered victims, one with a broken arm were found in the pool of their blood and whose parents were neither seen nor known.

“Meanwhile, the children were rescued and rushed to the hospital for medical attention.

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“Preliminary Investigation further revealed some fetish substances, blood-stained canes, concoctions, and other incriminating items were all recovered inside the rooms and registered as exhibits.”

Below are some of the fetish items found in the rooms.