GT Beauty: 3 Ways To Exfoliate Your Lips

Do you have chapped or cracked lips and thinking of how to deal with the situation? All you need is to exfoliate your lips yourself at home.

Here are three simple and easy DIY ways to exfoliate your lips and make it  luscious and kissable. It only takes a few minutes.

Sugar Scrub

Mix sugar and coconut oil in a bowl until it forms a grainy paste. To use, put a small amount on your fingertip and gentle massage on lips for about 3 minutes. Rinse off sugar lip scrub with warm water. Then apply moisturizing lip balm for extra moisture. Sugar scrub helps exfoliate your lips and slough off any dead or dry skin


You should use your toothbrush to gently scrub off dead skin cells after you are through brushing.

Damp wash cloth

If you don’t want to exfoliate your lips using sugar scrub or your toothbrush, then, use a damp cloth. Just wrap your finger in a damp clean cloth and work back and forth over your lips.