GT Beauty: Homemade Egg Yolk Hair Conditioner For Healthier Hair, Scalp 

Have you ever tried using a homemade egg yolk hair conditioner or treatment on your hair? This conditioner is very easy to make. Also, all the ingredients required can be found right in your kitchen. So you don’t need to stress yourself.

The two major ingredients needed in this conditioner to make your hair grow and reinvigorate with that natural glow are egg yolk and olive oil. While egg acts as an effective conditioner and makes your hair shine, olive oil is an amazing elixir for making your hair stronger.

Olive oil is widely used in many hair care products as it makes an excellent ingredient for hair treatment. But imagine combining it with the proteins, vitamins and fatty acids of an egg. This conditioner will help promote a healthy scalp, hair growth as well as give shine to dull hair.


·        One egg yolk

·        1 tablespoon Olive oil

You can increase the number of egg yolks and tablespoons of olive oil according to the length of your hair. So, if your hair is long, then, it is advisable to use two egg yolks and two tablespoons of olive oil for more effect.


·        Crack open one egg, gently separate the yolk, put into a mixing bowl and beat quickly with a fork or whisk until it is completely broken up.

·        Add one tablespoon of olive oil and whisk or beat properly with a fork until it is thoroughly mixed. Baby oil can also be used instead of olive oil for fragrance purposes.

·        Then, mix in one cup of lukewarm water to dilute the mixture. This will make it easier to spread the mixture evenly on your whole hair.

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·        First, wash hair with a gentle shampoo, rinse and then squeeze out excess water from hair.

·        Then, pour half the egg yolk conditioner on the hair, but, make sure it doesn’t touch your face. While egg yolk is good for the face as well, the oil in the mixture is not. Use your hands to apply the other half of the conditioner to the bottom of the hair.

·        Massage the conditioner throughout your hair with your fingertips to ensure an even spread.

·        You can cover your hair with a shower cap if you so desire.

·        Allow it to sit for 10- 15 minutes.

·        Finally, rinse your hair thoroughly with lukewarm or cool water. Using cool water is good for hair as it leaves it shiny.

Avoid washing hair with hot water so that the egg yolk does not end up cooking in your hair. This may require another round of washing, which will make the treatment ineffective.

The beauty of this treatment is that it will leave your hair clean, refreshed, and shiny. To get the best result, you should try using this hair conditioner regularly to make your hair a lot stronger and healthier.