GT Beauty: How to Prevent Waterline/ Eye Pencil Smudging

Is your eyeliner/eye pencil constantly smudging in your waterline? The fact is that you can keep your eyeliner in place all day long!

Just follow the steps below to ensure your eyeliner stays exactly where it should.

  • Take an oil free- mattifying powder and dab all over the eye area which is under the eye. This is where the smudging mostly appears especially for those who have an oily eye area.
  • Take a Q-tip/cotton swab and gently sweep it over your water line and the inner part as well. This will eliminate some of the moisture and make the eye liner last longer.
  • After applying the eyeliner or eye pencil take a matte black eye shadow and dab it over the already lined area. Use a small brush like an eye liner brush to dab the eye shadow on you water-line. This will not only make the make the pencil/eyeliner look more intense, it will stick to your eye liner and help in reducing the smudging. This will ‘lock’ the eyeliner in place. Finish with the rest of your makeup!
  • You can also use an oil free, mattifying face powder and dab it over the water-line to set the eye pencil as well, instead of the eye shadow.
Smudged eyeliner