GT Food Talk: Groundnut Soup (Ofe Isawhe)

 Happy Weekend Foodaholics! So I was craving Groundnut soup this week after Facebook popped up a photo memory from a Groundnut soup recipe i prepared a few years ago. I got high moral from the YES’s i got on FB when I asked if we should make it this week.
Groundnut also known as Peanut is quite affordable in Nigeria, it is also packed with lots of health benefits which includes Folate an essential mineral that promotes fertility. Groundnut fights depression, so whenever you experience those mood swings, you can pop some groundnut to help ginger your swagger.
Anyway, for all the Yes’s, here is the recipe. Thank me, preapare your own and send me pictures.


Groundnut 1 Handfull
Meat Any meat of your choice
Smoked Fish 2
Palm Oil 1 Table soon
Salt&Seasoning To taste
Crayfish A fist full
Pepper To taste
Onions Half Bulb to boil meat
See pictures below for procedure.
If using raw groundnut, roast in pot with salt till skin turns grey. Allow to cool, Peel skin and blend.
Spice, Season and boil meat till tender
Blend Groundnut to paste, blend Crayfish and Pepper. Clean Smoked Fish and thinly Slice Scent leaves.
Clean Stockfish
Add Stockfish and a table spoon of Palm oil to the meat and stock
Add the Groundnut paste and all blended ingredients
Add the smoked fish, salt and Seasoning
Garnish with Scent Leaves and Fresh Pepper and enjoy with choice swallow. Groundnut Soup also goes very well with Rice and boiled Yam.
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