GT Food Talk: Healthy Oat Breakfast And My Strawberry Pancake Recipe

Hello Foodaholics, the new GT Food talk column will be handled by the well-known food blogger, Gina Ehikodi popularly known as Geena of foodiesandspice. It is targeted at both ladies and men who love food and want to learn how to cook better. That is talking about both local and continental dishes.

Today, is Saturday, so she will be teaching you how to prepare oat breakfast and strawberry pancake for breakfast for the family.

Pancake ingridents

I will serve you 2 breakfast recipes. So, let’s enjoy my beautiful strawberry pancake recipe and Maryses Healthy Oats recipe.

Oats are a cereal commonly eaten as porridge in Nigeria; you can also find them as an ingredient in some of our cereal products. It has great benefits, which includes its high level of dietary fibre, promotes weight loss and has lots of good minerals too.

Maryse Chatrix of Le Torne takes Oats often, hence her very young looks. She is over 50 and still looks like she is in her 30’s, Also she uses only organic products for her household, she hardly eats salt and no sugars in the morning.

Anyway I stayed with Maryse for a few days in Le Torne, Bordeaux France and I learnt some new Oats recipes, so am going to be sharing her Healthy Oat (Gallete) recipe with you.

Breakfast Oat (Gallete) Recipe (For One Person)



Oats     3Table spoon

Water 2 table spoon

Eggs     1

Oil       1 tea spoon

(*Note you double the amount with the number of people eg. For 2 people it will be 3 table spoons of Oats, 2 table spoons of water, 2 Eggs)


  • Add the oat and water in a bowl then allow to sit for about two minutes. Add the egg then whisk. (Tweaking maryse’s recipe, this is the part where I add salt to taste or Sugar {depending on your preference} and little black pepper)
  • Heat up a pan on low heat, coat pan with oil, whisk the oat mixture very well then pour into the pan. Allow to cook for 3 minutes on each side (be sure it is set and not runny before you turn the other side)
  • Serve with butter if you like and you can have a cup of tea or juice alongside for a great Healthy morning Breakfast.

Strawberry Pancake

Pan cake


Strawberry                 For garnishing

Flour                           2 and half cup

Oil                               To coat pan for each batch

Milk                             1 cup

Baking powder         tea spoon

Baking Soda               1 tea spoon

Sugar                           1 table spoon

Eggs                            2


  • Heat pan to melt butter.
  • Mix flour with baking powder, baking soda and sugar. Add eggs then beat or whisk thoroughly.
  • Pour the milk and melted butter into the flour mix and whisk. Heat up a pan, coat with oil then scoop a batch of the pancake mixture and gently pour into the pan.
  • Watch out for the bubbles and when it is set and not runny, swiftly turn the other side to cook. (Like one minute on both sides on medium low heat)
  • Garnish with sweet red strawberries and enjoy your breakfast. Don’t forget to drizzle some honey or syrup.