GT Food Talk: How To Make Banana Ice Cream At Home

When it comes to ice cream, both adults and children enjoy it even though there may be difference in preference in terms of flavour and colour.

Instead of rushing out to buy ice cream for the children whenever they request for it during this Ed-el-kabir holiday why not make it for them yourself at home. You can make different flavours for them to add zing to the holiday.


  • 2-3 ripe but firm bananas
  • 1 tin peak milk
  • 2 small cups whole milk or soya milk
  • 3 drops vanilla extract


  • Wash bananas, peel, cut into sizeable chunk and put into a food processor and blend.
  • Add the peak milk, vanilla extract, whole milk and blend together. Occasionally scrape down the sides and continue to blend until smooth, approximately 3-5 minutes
  • Pour mixture into a plastic bowl and put in a freezer for at least an hour and allow it to solidify. However, you can also enjoy it immediately as a soft serve if you want.
  • Alternatively you can leave it overnight and serve the next day when needed. Then you can enjoy your home-made vanilla ice cream

Note that you can change the colour of your banana ice cream with just one or two teaspoon of food colouring just as you will want it. You can make different flavours for your family with the right ingredients.

Enjoy your Saturday!

Happy Ed-el-Kabir!