#Hangout: Terra Kulture Food Lounge

Bisi Eretan

Talk about a meeting point for amazing food and extraordinary art, you would be referring to Terra Kulture Food Lounge. Strategically located on Victoria Island, Lagos, it is one place you are sure to get your food served with finesse.

There is this strong sense that Terra Culture is all about the food, with more of an emphasis on arts and culture but the food lounge offers an extensive menu and wine list.

They Chefs boast of cooking with the freshest and highest quality ingredients mostly from Terra Kulture farm.

Another plus for the lounge is that they have wonderful wines from their own production, stored in their basements and archives for you to try out.

The African set restaurant offers delicious meals with superb service. Arts delightfully pop up everywhere, even when you look up, you will see beautiful art decor which made the place more attractive, African and homely.