Harmattan: Keeping Yourself Warm And Comfortable

These days, with the harmattan often associated with chills especially in the morning and extreme hotness in the afternoon, it is a bit difficult dressing appropriately for everyone.

However, everyone has to protect themselves from the excessive cold. You will not want to dress up just for the cold and later regret your outfit choice by afternoon when the heat becomes unrelenting. So to prevent your skin from cold as well as cracking and drying, it is ideal to dress appropriately to face the harsh and fluctuating weather.


For the working women, aside wearing trousers, skirt or pant suit, you can also wear blazers and cardigans over your dress shirt or top. But, they should be decent so that you can conveniently take them off when you feel hot. Go for trendy cardigans in length of your choice. Also, cotton long sleeve shirts are vital; they cover your arms and as such prevent direct contact with the dry air. It will also be appropriate to wear dresses and skirts that are below the knee. The longer the skirt or dress the better to help protect your legs as well as prevent them from being exposed to the harsh weather therefore turning white.

For a casual outing, you could opt for jeans trouser or pant with dark colour body hugs and sleeveless cardigan, long sleeve dresses, turtleneck outfit as well as sweater dresses to keep you warm and also make a fashion statement despite the cold weather.

Finally, you should not forget your colourful cashmere scarf to wrap around your body if you don’t want to wear a blazer or long sleeve shirts. Its thickness will surely keep you warm.


For the men, wearing a complete suit or blazer with complementing trousers and shirt to the office is important. Blazers could be worn formally or casually with plain pants, jeans or even chinos. When it comes to shirt whether for the office or casual outing, cotton and linen shirts are just perfect. It is also not a bad idea to wear denim top and pant to keep you warm.

One colour to avoid wearing all the time right now is white as it easily attracts dirt’s. Also, in or around your house or neighbourhood, you could wear head warmer and also tie muffler around your neck, wear gloves and socks depending on how cold you are.


When it comes to the children, parents should ensure that they are properly covered. This is not the time for children to be frequently dressed in shorts or outfits that will expose their body. Dress them up in trousers, long sleeve polo shirts, cardigans, dress or top with leggings and other suitable clothing to protect, keep them warm and comfortable. Also wear them covered shoes if possible with socks. Generally, wearing dark colour clothing will help keep you warm.


When it comes to foot wears, covered shoes are ideal. Men should wear covered shoes, boots or sneakers. You can decide to wear thick soaks at home with sandals or slippers to keep your feet warm. Women too should wear more of covered shoes than open toes.

Note that you should still look stylish and not unattractive during the harmattan period.