Have You Seen The World’s Most Expensive Cake? It Is Made Up Of 4,000 Real Diamonds

The world’s most expensive cake cost a whopping sum of £48.5million in the form of a catwalk design.

It was made by 33-year-old fashion designer, Debbie Winghan who took to baking after creating the world’s most expensive dress for £11.5million from black and red diamonds.

The gem-encrusted birthday and engagement dessert which took 1,100 hours to make is six foot long and consists of 4,000 real diamonds. It weighed 450kg and also includes amethysts and emeralds.

The catwalk design features outfits Winghan has previously made for the anonymous client and includes designer handbags, dark glasses and footwear as well as the latest electronic devices.


Her latest masterpiece was commissioned by a rich Arab family living in United Arab Emirates.

According to the excited mother of three, the cake was time consuming with extremely tiny details but she tried to make it as true to a runway show as possible.

Lovely masterpiece indeed!!!