Help! I Feel Like Urinating During Sex

Dear Angela,

Sometimes I feel like I want to urinate during sex even after I urinate just before we get intimate. I get so scared that I will wet the bed that I lose my arousal. Is something wrong with me? I don’t want to lose my man. What should I do?

Worried Woman


Dear Worried Woman

There are different possible causes. However, the question is, have you always felt this way or is it just with this particular man?

Anyway, several sexual positions stir up internal sensations that scare many women into thinking they might wet the bed. Actually, this feeling can be caused by your partner’s penis putting pressure on your bladder due to a certain position which negatively affects you.

You could discuss the issue with your partner so that you can both find a suitable position instead of frequently running to the restroom. As you know, this will definitely slow down the momentum of your lovemaking or even totally kill the mood.

Also, instead of allowing this issue affect your sex life, it will be sensible to seek the help of a  sex counsellor/therapist quickly so that you can relax and enjoy lovemaking with your man.

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