Help! My Abandoned Daughter Has A Son For My Husband (Pt 2)

About a year and three months after establishing his branch in Abeokuta, I received a phone call from Simi, a close friend of mine who lives in Abeokuta. “Biola, I just called to inform you as a good friend that your husband has found himself a young beautiful wife here. And she gave birth a few months ago to a bouncing baby boy. I see them together a lot. They call the boy Junior so I just feel it’s my duty to inform,” she revealed.

Immediately Simi hung up, I told myself it was not true because Akin loves me so much and I don’t think he can cheat on me not to talk of marrying and having a baby with another woman. I promised myself I would not confront him so I decided to ask his faithful driver, James to find out the whole truth.

One Friday evening, as soon as Akin left for the club, I called James and interrogated him. He denied knowing anything about the woman or her baby initially. But when I threatened to sack him, he opened up. He told me that his boss has a small wife in Abeokuta. And that she delivered a bouncing baby boy about four months ago.

“Why didn’t you tell me about this,” I asked. “Na ‘oga’ warn me say make I no tell you anything. Na him make I no talk. Madam, I am sorry. No take food comot from my mouth”, he pleaded. “The only way I can forgive you is if you give me the woman’s address in Abeokuta,” I said. Immediately, he scribbled down her address on a piece of paper and also gave to me directions on how to get there.

Just to find out the truth, I lied to Akin that my friend, Simi, was marking her mother’s 70th birthday and that I needed to travel to Abeokuta. He gave me express permission and told me he won’t be going with me because he has some business to take care of in Lagos. Early on Saturday morning, I left Ibadan for Abeokuta just to see the face of the woman who has stolen the heart of my husband.

When I got to the address, my heart kept racing very fast. When I knocked on the gate, a young boy came out and asked who I wanted to see. I told him ‘Mama Junior’ and he pointed to the apartment. There I got the shock of my life. When I knocked on the door, a familiar face opened the door. It was aunty Bunmi. But she did not recognise so she asked, “Who are you looking for?” And I answered, “Aunty Bunmi do you live here?” Shocked she took a closer look at me and said, “Ha! Biola you came to see me after all these years? How did you get my address?”

She opened the door wide and ushered me in. Then she said, “This is where I stay,” she said. “So the question should be what are you doing here?” she asked. “Well, I am looking for one mummy junior. They say she lives here,” I replied. Instead of telling me what I wanted to know Aunty Bunmi accused me of abandoning my daughter all these years and asked me about Akin and the children. While she was still blaming for being a bad and uncaring mother, a young girl walked into the sitting with a baby strapped to her back.

She greeted us and went straight into the bedroom so I thought she was a maid or neighbour. “Am sure you still really don’t care what happens to your daughter Feyi right? But I will tell you anyway. She is married and also have a son. So why are you looking for this mama junior? I hope there is no problem?” she enquired.

“Well, I came to Abeokuta to see the face of the bitch who I heard have a son for my husband,” I stressed. Just then Feyi walked into the sitting room and aunty Bunmi introduced her as Mama Junior. Immediately, I turned to her and angrily said, “So you are the bitch who dare to have a child for Akin. Don’t you know he is a happily married man?” I yelled. “Who are you madam?” she asked politely. “If you must know I am Akin’s wife,” I stressed.

Before we could both utter another word, Aunty Bunmi introduced Mama Junior as Feyi, my daughter whom I abandoned as a child and then introduced me as her biological mother. At that point, I couldn’t carry out my threats anymore. All I did was shed tears because it dawned on me that abandoning Feyi is the biggest mistake of my life and will continue to be until I take my last breath. Feyi bluntly told me that the only mother she has is Aunty Bunmi and nothing or nobody can change that. I left Abeokuta disheartened.

I went back to Ibadan and confronted Akin about Junior and his mother. He told me he was waiting for the right time to inform me. Then, I gave him the bad news. “Akin, there is something I need to tell you. Feyi is actually my daughter. I had her very early but I could not tell you before we got married because I was scared you would leave me. What will happen now? I asked. Akin sternly looked at me and said, “Well, Biola I never knew you had a child not to talk of a daughter. We have lived together for over 20 years and you never told me about her? All I know is that Feyi is the mother of my son and I intend to bring them to live here with me. I want to see him grow,” he stressed.

Dear reader, what do I do now? A child I abandoned over 20 years ago is my husband’s secret wife and mother of his heir. I am now a grandmother to my own husband’s child while I have no child for him. He told me that Feyi made it clear to him that if he really wants her and Junior to come and live with him, then, I must prepare to leave the house. What should I do? Please I need your sincere advice.