Help: My Husband’s ‘Supposed’ Death Wife Is Alive And Back

Dear Angela,

I met Samuel three years ago when we bumped into each other at the entrance of a restaurant close to my office. He stopped and apologized profusely for not paying attention to where he was going as he was fiddling with his phone. I told him it was alright and that was how we became friends.

As we became closer, he opened up that he is a widower with three kids. When I met his children for the first time, I immediately fell in love with them, especially is daughter. She is the last child and only girl.

He narrated that his wife died in a boat mishap. Her body was never seen, hence after weeks of searching without any result, she was declared dead. They even held a memorial service in her honour. The whole family accepted her death and decided to move on with their lives.

Samuel remained a ‘widower’ for six years. But when he met me, he decided to get married again after dating for a whole year. His children and family accepted me wholeheartedly and with their blessings we got married, April 2015.

A week ago, we received some unexpected guests at 8:00 pm. They were Freda, Samuel’s ‘supposed’ death wife and two of her family members. She came to explain to Samuel and her kids what really happened that fateful day. Samuel was not convinced as he maintained that she faked her own death. He maintains that I am still his legal wife because she has been declared death with a certificate backing it up.

I don’t doubt Samuel’s love for me but right now, there is so much tension in the house and I feel like moving out. Although, he asked me to give him some time to sort out this issue, however, I keep asking myself if our marriage is still valid or not.

I also just discovered that I am pregnant but I am yet to tell him. I have only seen such things happen in soap operas and movies but it’s actually happening to me now. What do I do? I need sincere advice.



Dear Worried MK

You story is very touching. However, you should understand that Freda’s resurfacing is shocking for everyone and they need to come to terms with this reality. Even though it won’t be easy, you should give Samuel some time to sort out things. However, on your part, you should consult lawyers to find out if your marriage will still be valid or not.


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