Help! There Is Rumour That My Husband Is Sleeping With Other Women In Our Estate

Dear Angela,

I have been married since 2007 and to the best of my knowledge, my husband and father of my three children is a good man but he can also be a nuisance when he wants to be.

My husband is very successful in his career and loves his family very much. But recently two strange women from our estate saw me at the supermarket, approached and informed me that my ‘sweet’ husband is known for sleeping with married women and young girls within the estate. I was shocked. I told them they must be mistaking him for another man. They revealed that he also sleeps with some of my so-called close friends and advised that I should ‘open my eyes’ before another woman takes over my home.

I have never suspected my husband of cheating on me but now after hearing these, I am disturbed to the point that I cannot stand seeing those women near me.

Is it advisable to confront my husband? What should I do, please advise.

Mrs. K


Dear Mrs. K,

This looks like a Nollywood movie. What you have is hearsay’s and rumours which may be true or false.

This is somewhat common and especially so within residential areas. There are always stories making the rounds about who is doing what and with who and most of these are usually quite juicy especially for people who have nothing much to do with their time. The trouble with such issues is that there are always many different twists and versions of the stories that one cannot really tell if there is even a real version in the first place. Also, you cannot really know the intentions of the initiator of these stories.

But, I will advise you to maintain your cool. Yes, it may sound a bit silly after all that you’ve been told. But think again, what if they are jealous of your marriage and are out to destroy it? I guess it pricks them to see you happy with a good man. However, you can secretly conduct your own investigations.

If you break up with your husband, they will definitely toast to a job well done. Please love your husband more and he will keep off from every temptation of other women.

Nevertheless, if you discover during your investigation that he is actually sleeping with other women in the estate, you should know that men don’t just decide to cheat in one day, it is usually a gradual process which always starts somewhere. Discuss your findings with him in the privacy of your home or better still call for an outing together. Tell him to put himself in your shoes. If he needs to feel loved, do all you can to love him in return. Try to improve your relationship over again with love and respect as long as he promises to stop it.

The truth is that people that are fond of maliciously spreading such rumours usually think that detail or incidences of infidelity will lead to divorce. This is generally very far from the truth and these women could be thinking along those lines.

So, please ensure to do everything to guard and keep your marriage.

All the best!

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