High-heel Mistakes To Avoid

Shoes add finishing touch to any outfit. High heel shoes especially complete the look with a special bit of personal flair that can instantly change the mood of what you are wearing. Although, high heels make every woman’s gait elegant and exude confidence as well, but, wearing the wrong pair can also cause discomfort and pain.

To avoid pain and discomfort, and also ensure that you don’t end up hurting your feet in the process, you must not wear a shoe size smaller. If you love a particular high heel shoes that is not your right size, then you should ask if it is available in your size.

If it is not, it is advisable to let it go as you are likely to see shoes in other designs that would fit perfectly. If you buy a size smaller trusting that it will expand after a while, then, you will only end up with unnecessary blisters and pains that should have been avoid from the beginning. Also, avoid wearing over- sized high heel shoes as this can cause blisters and you could strain your muscles trying to prevent the shoe from slipping. If it is just a little bit bigger, you can wear them with shoe pads. But if not, let the shoe go so that you don’t end up with blisters.