House Of Dot Christmas Campaign – Objects Of Delight

House Of Dot Christmas Campaign – Objects Of Delight

The year 2020 has been a long and challenging one all over the world with the COVID-19 pandemic, economic recession, political revolutions, and so many other issues that have shaken our core and existence as humans.

Even though the year has been in a topsy-turvy mode, we have had moments of beauty, laughter, and clarity.

Christmas is a time of wonder and love, and there is nothing more delightful than taking in the fanciful sights and sounds of the season in our new normal. Although we can not celebrate the festivities on the large scale as we used to (going out, parties, travel), we can still bask in the joy of the yuletide and enjoy beautiful things that give us pleasure.

House of DOT Objects of Delight are beautifully crafted handmade bags and shoes great for the season, and everyday living, creating moments of beauty and style, even with the impending lockdown.

Our arm and foot candies also make the best presents for family, friends, colleagues, and clients as is the custom this period,  delighting us.


This capsule collection is inspired by the sights and sounds we use and enjoy in everyday Nigeria- Talking drum, Shoemakers box, Moon, and Ornaments.

House of DOT is a lifestyle brand that designs and crafts handmade leather products – bags, shoes, small leather goods, and souvenirs.

DOT combines its African heritage, love of Haute Couture, and a distinct design aesthetic to produce unique designs for men and women of style.

Clothes by @ejiroamostafiri and @the_ladymaker

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