How I Make My Money – Afro Pop Artiste, Imelda J

Benue State-born singer, Imelda Ada Okwori, popularly known as Imelda J, in this exclusive interview with glamtush discloses her major source of income, what she’s passionate about aside music among other interesting things.


What is the latest thing about Imelda J?

My music is, and will always be the latest thing. That I am not releasing new tracks or making noise doesn’t mean I don’t have things going on. I am just doing it at my pace and time. Not letting much pressure in. A few other things I am really working on now include my NGO, my skincare product and my networking business which is really paying off, changing lives and helping people recover from their health challenges.

I know many have been wondering, how she’s surviving? We don’t get to hear about her the way we used to. We wonder how she is making her money. Is it possible she is into some shady business and so on? Well to lessen such curiosity, my major source of income is multi-level marketing that has effective products. When you tell people about MLM, they just laugh. But the truth is, it is not the way people see it. You will never know until you try it. That been said, I am super excited by many reviews on my products which will be out soon. To God be all the glory.

Imelda J

Aside from music what other thing gives you joy?

To me, helping people never go out of style. It is a passion. It is what I live for. I am happy when I see people smile because of the little things I do for them. I feel privileged in helping others. It gives me real joy.


Have you had any embarrassing moments with your fans?

No. I haven’t experienced such yet. Whatever I have experienced with my fans to me is pure undiluted love. Though sometimes, a few of them will go over the line trying to turn agape love to a romantic one. It is up to me to know how best to handle such a situation by making sure we maintain our individual lanes.


What could you consider to be the boldest step you’ve ever taken in life?

That will be moving from Benue to Lagos without the knowledge of my family at a very tender age. I didn’t tell anyone until I arrived in Lagos. I did it for the love of music. Don’t get it twisted; they were not against my choice of career. But if I had told my mum I was going to travel that kind of far distance, and to the type of Lagos they hear about, she would never have granted me permission.

Imelda J

Aside from music what other thing do you do?

I am a serial entrepreneur. I love health, fashion, and lifestyle. I am also a humanitarian and into multi-level marketing as well.


What project(s) are you working on right now?

Aside from music, I am seriously working on my skincare products. Very soon, I shall be unveiling my first product. I mean in less than a month from now by God’s grace. I am also trying my best to get all the necessary things in place to enable me to kick start the smooth running of my NGO. I know that women, widows, the girl child and persons with disabilities are in so much need especially in the area of empowerment. So, wonderful plans are underway to this effect. We intend to collaborate with other existing NGO’S with like minds. One of our strong partners is the Miracle And Charity Organization. I am forever grateful to the chairman, Prince Sam for this great partnership.


Some ladies claim they don’t repeat clothes on the red carpet. Do you?

I haven’t but I see nothing wrong in repeating clothes on the red carpet. I can repeat it for sure. To me, it should be a thing of choice.  I think I have repeated shoes like once. If you have beautiful cloth you wish to repeat, fine. Don’t let the standard of others affect you. The reason why I haven’t repeated cloth is not that I don’t want to. I think the only reason is that I have lots of clothes. Imagine, my clothes are so many that I have not even touched some new clothes I bought in the past five years. And I keep buying new ones. So you see?

Imelda J

If you could give your 18-year-old self one piece of style advice, what would it be?

Keep it unique, classy, real and sexy forever. But funny enough I have always been that way so I will just say there is room for improvement. Be open.