How I Snatched And Married My Best Friend’s Fiancé Out Of Envy

In the world today, there are many desperate single ladies who can go to any extent to get the man of their dreams – including their best friend’s man.

It’s not wrong to have someone you can call your ‘Best Friend’ but at the same time, you should be careful about the kind of bedroom secrets you divulge to your friend(s). That’s because it’s not every so-called ‘best friend’ that is happy with your success or thriving and love-filled relationship.

My best friend, Brenda trusted me blindly because we have been friends since childhood. We attended the same schools up till our university level. Luckily, we both gained employment in different departments in the same organization after NYSC. Well, to spend less on the cost of transportation, we both decided to rent a two-bedroom apartment somewhere on the Mainland.

When Brenda introduced her boyfriend, Emeka to me for the first time, I felt a little jealous since there was no man in my life. Emeka was not only handsome but good looking as well.

I became envious of their relationship and made up my mind to snatch Emeka from Brenda. Do you know why? She kept bragging that aside Emeka’s love and care, she can beat her chest and attest that she’s the only woman he will ever look at. Also, a few times, she had confided in me how good Emeka was in bed. She told me that with a man like Emeka, her sexual life is settled when they get married.

Well, I started thinking of ways to entice him as I also wanted the ‘sweet bedroom experience’ with Emeka. So I started with the power of seduction. Whenever he comes around, I dress half-naked, act seductively by intentionally brushing him with my breast,  giving him the sexual green light. And sometimes, I just cat walk unnecessarily in bum short just to get his attention.

I also lied to Emeka that Brenda flirts around with male colleagues at work. All I wanted was for him to start distrusting her. I equally lied that Brenda does not love him as she was only after his money. I advised him to start looking for a trustworthy woman before Brenda breaks his fragile heart. However, I pleaded with him not to tell or confront Brenda.

All these happened while Brenda was either busy in the kitchen preparing food for him or when she’s not at home. When he sensed that I was trying to cause problems between them, he started avoiding me but smartly.

One evening, Brenda came back home and flaunted her beautiful diamond ring in my face. Deep down I was infuriated. Nevertheless, I congratulated her and expressed that I was very happy for her.

But then, I became even more desperate. Therefore, with the help of a friend, I consulted an herbalist. He told me it is possible to get Emeka only if I can make him eat food cooked with blood from my period. I assured the baba that I was ready to do anything to achieve my dreams.

The opportunity came when Brenda fell sick and Emeka came to visit her. Since she was sick, she begged me to quickly prepare noodles for him. You can’t imagine how glad I felt.

Fortunately, I was in my period. I quickly followed the herbalist’s instructions and added the blood to the noodles. I watched as he hungrily ate the noodles. Immediately he finished eating, he walked up to me and hugged me. He thanked me for the delicious noodles before telling me how beautiful and sexy I looked. And that was it.

I started controlling Emeka. He was always at my beck and call. And in no time, he called off their engagement. Consequently, whenever he came around, it was just to see me. Shocked at the new development, Brenda requested to know what was happening between Emeka and me but I told her there was nothing to explain since it was glaring. She cried and pleaded with me to please leave Emeka for her but I told her it was too late.

Well, true to Brenda’s word, Emeka was good in bed. He knows what to do and the right places to touch to sexually satisfy me.

This new development caused a big problem between Brenda and me but I didn’t care. I had snatched Emeka from her and that’s all that matters to me. She later moved out of the apartment when she couldn’t withstand our undying love.

Every three months, I renew the process of cooking for Emeka with blood from my period so that he would remain obsessed, committed to me and never stray. We got engaged and got married within four months.

Unfortunately, Emeka died exactly eight months after our wedding. He fell sick and started vomiting blood; he died on our way to the hospital.

Sadly, this is the story of my life. I destroyed my best friend’s beautiful relationship out of envy and today, I’m living a miserable life. I lost a true friend because of envy. And the man I snatched away from her is even dead. Ever since Emeka died, no other man has looked my way. So what did I gain? What a life?