How I Was Raped On My Wedding Night

After such a long and tiring whirlwind wedding day, my husband, Stephen and I finally got to our honeymoon suite. We dated for over a year but we were never intimate as we decided to wait until our wedding night to make it a magical and memorable one.

We started getting busy so that he can enter into a virgin territory since it was my first time. We started helping each other get into the mood by setting the stage. Our suite was beautifully decorated as there were rose petals scattered on the bed and all around the room, a chilled bottle of champagne to set the celebratory mood of the evening, soft glow of candlelight to create a romantic ambiance to set the mood for lovemaking as our favourite love songs were playing for a romantic vibe.

To make our mood more magical and memorable, I quickly excused myself and went into the bathroom to wear my sexy and special lingerie and sprayed special perfume to help set the mood, make a great impression and add something extra special to our wedding night festivities.

All set and sexy, I eagerly looked for the moment we will consummate our marriage. But as I opened the door to flaunt my sexy looks to entice my husband, I saw him kneeling down with a gun pointed to his head. Immediately the robbers saw me, they ordered me out and commanded I joined my husband. “We are in the wrong room. Let’s check the next room for the man, take the dollars and leave,” said one of the robbers.

I started trembling as the leader of the gang moved his gun around my cleavage and breast. “But I cannot just miss this sexy sight,” he said as he pulled and pushed me on the bed.

He then forced my husband to watch us as he viciously raped me. I screamed in pains as Stephen wept like a baby. I couldn’t struggle with my rapist. When he was done with the beastly act, he said, “Sorry, I didn’t know you were a virgin. But the deed is done.”

Immediately they left, I rushed into the bathroom, cried my eyes out and stayed under the shower for more than 30 minutes wishing it was a nightmare. And instead of my husband to comfort me, he couldn’t even look at me. I was traumatized.

The sad incidence created a crack in my marriage. Stephen began to see me like a plague. His attitude towards me changed completely. He started avoiding me at home, stopped eating my food and kept late nights as well. I felt alone in the whole world.

And I was too ashamed to even discuss what happened on my wedding night with anyone. But I wasn’t prepared for what followed weeks later. I was feeling nauseated and the doctor confirmed that I was pregnant. When I informed Stephen about the pregnancy, he upheld that I abort the pregnancy as we cannot raise an armed robber’s child.

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In as much as it hurts that I was not only raped on my wedding night as a virgin but also got pregnant, I told him I don’t have the right to end an innocent baby’s life. This further widened the gap in our relationship and marriage.

Stephen finally told our parents what happened that night and the outcome that followed. While his parents supported his decision, my parents are against it. He has given me an ultimatum to terminate the pregnancy or get ready to leave our matrimonial home.

What if I abort this pregnancy and never able to get pregnant again? Will abortion help me forget the rape and ease my pain and suffering? If abortion will not resolve anything, what’s the need for it?

I also got worried that if I had the baby it would remind me of my rapist for the rest of my life.  The truth is, it’s a tough decision to make as I love my husband dearly but taking the life of an innocent baby may also hunt me for life. Please, what should I do? I need advice!