How My Former Manager, Jude Okoye Killed My Career – Cynthia Morgan

… GoFundMe launched to get her career back on feet

Erstwhile musician, Cynthia Morgan has accused her former manager, Jude Okoye of not trying enough to take her career to the next stage and also rendering her poor.

There was a time, Cynthia Morgan was rated as the best female dancehall/reggae artiste in Nigeria after she took over the industry with her famous collaboration with indigenous rapper Jhybo and with other works, like ‘German Juice’, ‘Samantiniya’ and ‘Don’t break my heart’.

However the last few years have been bad for the one-time promising star.  Many fans have been wondering why she suddenly disappeared from the music scene.

The trouble began three years ago when she was sued for failure to pay the rent for her Omole apartment and also charged for tax evasion.

She was also said to have ran into debt of over ten million naira at the time and her label didn’t help to bail her out.

Morgan has now revealed in an Instagram chat with Cassandra MsVanila,7, that she went away to battle some family problems.

She also disclosed that she was sick and battled an illness for six months which led to serious depression.

She equally disclosed that during all this time, her former manager, Jude Okoye, who’s the brother and former manager of the PSquare music duo, abandoned her after taking almost everything she had.

She also added that Jude didn’t do anything to push her career; she claimed all he did for her was shoot some videos which she later paid for with almost all her savings.

She concluded that Jude made sure she did not receive money from her royalties till date; after failing to sign her into a new three years deal with his label.

It would be recalled that reports earlier claimed Peter Okoye tried to sign Cynthia Morgan to then Square records, before the elder brother, Jude convinced her to join his label.

The situation reportedly led to the face-off between Peter and Jude. Peter promised Cynthia Morgan that she would never have collaboration with Psquare.

Psquare had since separated from each other after Peter openly said he’s not comfortable with Jude being their manager anymore.

In a live Instagram video, Cynthia Morgan narrated how she lost everything she worked for. She disclosed how she had issues with her record label which made her lose her royalties, stage name, her Instagram account, and her Vevo account.

She also admitted that she wasn’t ready to sign on any record label but she’s available for partnership.

Cynthia Morgan suffered depression because of all she lost and all she couldn’t achieve, recovered from her depression after a GoFund Me account was recently launched by her fans who expressed sympathy over “all she went through” with the hashtag #BringBackCynthinaMorgan.