How To Achieve Flawless Wedding Makeup Look

Being a beautiful bride is something that a lot of women think about as their wedding day approaches. They want to make sure that nothing can overshadow their beauty and that every part of their look is exactly on point. It’s only natural to want to make sure that after months of planning you don’t look back to your wedding pictures and see that your makeup has melted off. So here are some tips on how to achieve a flawless look on your big day.

Prep your skin in advance

No makeup look can look good without a good base, and the place to start is your skin. If it’s not treated properly, it will make it virtually impossible to apply makeup correctly. So, a few months before the big day, take a trip to your beautician. See if there is anything that you can change in your routine or if there are any skincare treatments you can get in order to improve the state of your skin. Stick to their recommendation. The reason you’re doing these months before the event is because you want to make sure that your skin doesn’t have a bad reaction to the products and because real, natural, high-quality products require time to show changes.

Plan out your makeup

You definitely don’t want to be thinking of how you’re going to do your makeup the day before the wedding. You want to have it nailed down along with your look and all the pieces ready and waiting. If you can’t find exactly what you want in a store near you, you can buy mascara online along with the rest of your supplies. Test out your look well in advance and repeat it a few times to make sure you can do it just right. If you’re having someone else do your makeup, have a test session to go over any doubts and things you’d want to change. And if you’re getting your bridesmaids’ makeup done as well, make sure you have a schedule that works for everyone.

Get a good night’s sleep

When we’re tired, the first place it shows is our skin: it is dry, sags more and overall isn’t the best base for makeup. But sleeping before an event as big as your wedding can seem impossible, so here are some things you can do instead: Place an overnight hydrating mask on your face which works whether you’re sleeping or not. Lie on your back to make sure your eyes and face isn’t swelling and dip some strong paper towels in green tea and put them in the freezer. In the morning, the frozen green tea towels will feel so good and refreshing, they will reduce puffiness and any redness you might have.

Easy on the colors

Wedding Makeup Look

It’s perfectly fine to have a look that features your accent color or just brings some color to the table in general. However, you don’t want to go overboard. A light color on the lips, some blush and one color on your lids (with different blending shades). Going too far might make you look like a bit of a clown, which you most certainly don’t want on the big day. Keep it soft and classy and it will be a win every time.

Freely with the highlight

You want to not only look good in pictures, but you want to radiate all day long. This is achieved through highlight – something that too often goes overlooked. Make sure that you highlight doesn’t actually have any glitter in it, but just shimmer. Apply it on all the high points of your face: cheekbones, bridge of the nose, under your eyebrows and a little bit on your chin. Compliment it even more with some contour and light blush.

Looking beautiful on your big day won’t just make you look great, but you’ll feel great. The nerves will certainly be getting to you, but having a great look will make you feel more comfortable and make your stride more confident as you walk down that aisle.