How To Make Valentine’s Day Special For Your Loved Ones On A Budget

How To Make Valentine’s Day Special For Your Loved Ones On A Budget





Seasons come and go. The 365 days we have in a year are usually filled with different celebrations ranging from Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s Day, and a host of others including special event days in our lives.

One of the most special days of the year that is very remarkable is Valentine’s Day. A day people get to share their love through gifts, flowers, candies, cakes, chocolates, and homemade crafts all in the name of St. Valentine.

February 14th has long been celebrated as a month of love according to and will continue to be celebrated.

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People tend to take the day as a day for lovers. However, it’s a day to spread love among your friends, families, colleagues, schoolmates, et all and in this post, I’m going to save you the stress of wondering about what to do in order to make the day special to someone in your life.

We understand how the season can be, however. After spending much of Christmas and New Year, it can be so stressful sometimes to consider what to buy and in this post, we’re going to save you the stress of thinking and battling with your ideas.

So, you agree with me and are fascinated to be a part of this year’s special person in someone else’s life? Let’s go there.

Let’s talk about what to do on that day and how to do them

1. Buy Your loved one a gift

A lot of people always have the problem of thinking about what kind of gifts they can get for their loved ones. But in my opinion, this should never be so stressful at all.

Gifts are usually misinterpreted by many with the thinking that they have to be very expensive to make the impression of showing love.

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But truth be told, it doesn’t have how much a gift costs. What matters is the heart that was used to express the gift. And sometimes, people rush into trying to impress someone. 

But guess what? As tiny as N1000, you’ll be able to put a smile on someone’s face with a gift. It is better to express your love and show of concern on a special day like this with something special and not verbally alone.


What types of Gifts can you get?

– If you’re getting a gift for your boyfriend or husband, it can be something they don’t already have or have but it’s kind of old and needs replacement. This can also be a pair of boxers because every man needs this every day.

Moreover, it has to be something romantic since it’s for your lover (better half) right? It can also be a backpack, journal, wine, and perhaps a pair of singlets. Believe me how special he’d feel that day. Men are not usually on the receiving side of the story, but you can choose to make it different in your relationship this season

– If it is your girlfriend or wife, of course, you know better what spikes her. Trust me, you might want to impress her a little. No, wait, not with the cost of the gift but what she loves and here, it’s not so difficult to spot what women love.

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They all love chocolates, coloured pants (“G-Strings”; since it’s a lovers day) colour can be red, black or white… depending on her colour choice. You can also turn one of her photos to enlargement (photo frame) and put it on the wall, etc.

– If it is your mom, dad, uncle, aunts, brother or sisters or any relation, it makes your job easier as you can walk into any park and shop and shop for nice red wine with chocolates, wristwatches, clothing, etc.

– If it is your friend, BFF, or schoolmates, it can be easier too. During my secondary school days, my friends do give me breakable plates, glass cups, and white towels. These can also serve as Valentine’s day gift ideas for him for you to start planning ahead.


2. Plan a Picnic

I’m sure no one should tell you about this, but one special thing to do on Valentine’s day is to plan a beach picnic. Some quality places you can spend time with your family and loved ones in Lagos are numerous ranging from different beaches to choose the one closest to you and a lot of other recreation centers like Freedom Park, Lekki Conservation Center, etc.


3. Plan an In-House Party

As far as you don’t violate Covid-19 guidelines and protocol, it will be nice to plan an in-house party for a few of your family and friends to catch fun, drink, and dance.

This is one of the best ways to better spend Valentine’s day. It brings about joy, connection and builds bonds among families.

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So, in this post, we’ve talked about a few things you can do to make Valentine’s day special for your loved ones. As a day of love, it’s important to plan ahead with any budget you have. The good news is, you can sit at home and order what you want on and get it delivered at home. For more gift ideas for loved ones, visit The Gift Mentor for a variety of gift guides to help you make your loved ones wow on any occasion.


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