How To Prevent Cracked, Flaked Lips During Harmattan

The harmattan is here and in full force. And three places that its effect is easily noticeable are on the skin, lips, and hair.

Right now, the lips become hypersensitive and prone to dryness, lip crack, chapped, and flaky, which may cause pain and discomfort due to the harmattan.

So how do you prevent dry, chapped, and flaky lips during the harmattan especially for ladies?

Drink lots of water – Drinking enough water would keep you hydrated and that includes your lips especially in this period associated with dryness. Keep a water bottle with you throughout the day to remember to hydrate. This will do wonders for your entire body.

Apply moisturizer to your lips immediately you wake up in the morning. Also, ensure your lips is never dry throughout the day.

Daily use of lip balm will help to protect your lips as well as moisturize your lips from elements that work against them. Lip gloss or chapsticks can also be used to avoid lip cracks, peeling, and dryness. Also, moisturize your lips at night time for a complete save from cracks.

Avoid moistening your lips with saliva because they will only make it worse.

Apply honey on your lips before bed every night.

Avoid peeling your lips when it cracks instead just keep your lips moisturized with lip balm, lip gloss, or protective jelly until it heals.

The tips are quite simple to follow. Therefore, you ensure you adhere to them in order to prevent your lips from getting cracked or flaky lips during harmattan.

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