I Am In Love With My Step-Brother

Dear Angela,

My mother remarried five years after the death of my father. At that time, I was 10-years-old while my brother just turned six years-old. My step-brother is five years older than I am and of course, he very handsome and charming.

At first, I saw him as my older brother but as time went by, I started seeing as not only as my step-brother but as the man I could love. He cares, loves and pets me a lot being the only girl in the family. To him, he is only acting like an older brother should, but I guess I mistook it for love because we are always together whenever he is at home.

Today, I am madly in love with him but how do I tell him? The worst part is that I cannot bear to see him with any other woman and this jealousy is killing me. What do I need?

Mally Babe