I Won’t Marry Any Man I Don’t Know Sexually – Mina Horsfall

Pretty Nollywood actress and ex-beauty queen, Mina Horsfall frankly bears her mind on a topic many ladies would be evasive to talk about – sex before marriage.

For the actress, to avoid problems in her marriage, she says she would like to know her partner sexually before marriage for compatibility sake.

In her words:

“Marriage is something that one can only pray to God about because no man is perfect. If you want to keep searching for the perfect man, you’d end up growing old in your parents’ house. There are also no two ways about it, you have to be sexually compatible with you partner.

I have to be sexually compatible with my partner because without that, there’s going to be a lot of trouble. I don’t want to discourage people who want to keep their virginity until after marriage, but I won’t marry any man I don’t know sexually before I marry him.”