Illbliss, YCee, SDC, Feature In The PGM Club ‘This Is Hip Hop’ Show

In an effort to break new grounds for hip-hop artists in the Nigerian music industry, The PGM Club last Sunday held a special show themed THIS IS HIP-HOP – celebrating the art at The Harvest in Lekki.

With a mixed crowd of hip-hop heads and good music lovers in attendance, the show kicked off by 8pm with an amazing performance from a fast rising female rapper, Phlow. The show continued on a high tempo with different performances from several underground rappers who free-styled to chosen words/phrases from the audience who cheered at their favorites.

As though the freestyles were not enough, popular hip-hop artists like Barleyanyhook, Kel, Teeto Ceemos, Raeslick, Loose Kaynon, AQ, BigfootinURface, Peter Clarke, Ikon, Teckzilla, SDC, Ycee and Illbliss also took to the stage to perform much to the delight of their fans who rapped along while sipping free cocktails.

THIS IS HIP-HOP was organized and executed by the PGM Club in collaboration with DDTM, Boombap Lounge, 100 Crowns, Dark Cypher, A147 Entertainment and Showgear.

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