I’m Entwined In A Relationship With My Boyfriend’s Father (2)

This is the continuation of the story of Vero and the men in her life.

A month later, he bought me a car, gives me N250,000 every week for my upkeep and we started spending most weekends together in exclusive hotels in and outside town. He tells his wife that he is going on ‘business trips just to be with me. I knew I had ‘stolen’ the weekends he is supposed to spend with his wife, Aunty Emilia, but there was nothing I could do because I was now enjoying every bit of it. I could remember one weekend when Chief and I were in one of our hotel hideouts and Aunty Emilia called me, complaining about Chief and how she suspects that he was having an affair that was how close we got. She told me she was ready to kill any woman just to get her husband back.

I was scared by that statement but I summoned courage and assured her that I would talk to Chief during the week when I see him since he sees me as his daughter. At that point I felt a sense of guilt and I told him immediately. “Chief I think we should end this. Your wife is beginning to suspect something.” He told me that we should take things easy for a while to allay her suspicions.

So he decided to get me a three-bedroom bungalow apartment in my choice area, which he furnished to my taste. I had to move out of our house which my mother bitterly complained about because she said I was dating the husband of a woman who has accepted me wholeheartedly as her daughter and a man old enough to be my father. But, I did not listen to her. I left the house and started living big courtesy of Chief, my sugar daddy. My house became our love nest and he warned me seriously that no other man must step foot there. “Vero, I don’t want to see any other man in this house. The day I do, I will kill both of you.” I promised him that he would never meet any other man in my house. One Tuesday, about nine months after meeting Chief and Aunty Emilia, she called and asked me to come over to the house. “Vero, please I want you to come over to the house,” she pleaded. “Aunty, I hope there is no problem,” I asked.

She assured me that there was no problem but that she has a surprise for me. I was so scared because I thought she had found out about Chief and me. I quickly dashed there, only to see her with a tall handsome man. Immediately she saw me, she rushed and hugged me before introducing us. “Chris, this is Vero the young lady I have been talking to you about. Vero meet my son, Chris. He arrived this morning without informing us. But, all the same, I am glad he is back home,” she said happily. We shook hands and had some chat. His mother encouraged me to take him round town once in a while and I agreed.

Three weeks later, Chris told me he thinks he had fallen helplessly in love with me. “Vero, I have to tell you that I have fallen helplessly in love with you. Why not give us a chance to know each other” he pleaded. I was not surprised at all because I knew it was going to happen sooner or later. However, I told him to give me some time to think about it.

I knew I had fallen in love with him too but what if Chief finds out, would he kill his son? I asked myself. “God, Chief has vowed to kill any man he sees with me. How can I date father and son? How do I handle this?”

A month later, Chief told me he was travelling to Hong Kong for a business meeting and he would be away for three weeks. I saw this as the perfect opportunity to be in the arm of the man I have truly fallen in love with. The truth is that I do not love Chief, I love his money. But for young and handsome looking Chris, he was my dream man. He is single and ready to mingle, so, I decided to give him a chance.

When Chief travelled, my visit to his house became an everyday affair because of Chris. His mother was very excited that things were going on well between us. During one of such visits to the house, Chris asked me what I do for a living. I needed to think very fast and tell him lies he would believe, so I said, “I am actually into buying and selling of ladies’ wear. I collect from friends, and go to different offices to sell them.” “That is good idea but why not open a boutique, travel and buy these things yourself,” he suggested. I told him I don’t have enough money to do the business. He promised to do something about it.

To be continued.